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  1. Part of the problem in general, as in a patriarchal society, is that a lot of people say they’ve been wrongly accused because they don’t believe what they did classified as sexual assault or predatory grooming behaviour. We still have people who think a cheeky grope on the dance floor or haranguing a girl for her number even after she says no is fair game. Even in this thread, someone said “Women love playing hard to get”
  2. Also remember that anyone who was abused is in charge. It’s their ordeal, it’s their story, it’s their decision if they want to talk or not and shouldn’t be persuaded by others to do what they don’t want to.
  3. That’s a novel approach to get around the “No animal products” rule.
  4. Nobody did that, why are YOU mentioning BLM. Actually, don’t answer, at least not in this thread.
  5. Another thing with low conviction rates with rape cases is how they are often plea bargained down, or advised to seek a lesser charge due to the higher chance of getting a conviction.
  6. Also, on the back of Jonnys post, a not guilty verdict doesn’t mean a false allegation has been made. It means that is couldn’t be proven without a reasonable doubt. Edit - What @Tamura said.
  7. Yeah. Sorry to backseat mod but can we not turn this into another Bowlerama? And also, can we not post stuff that’s already posted? We ain’t journalists breaking a news story, we are berks on a wrestling forum.
  8. He asked if he could have a go on his missus in lieu of payment.
  9. Kind of the point I was making against Mikes idiocy.
  10. No. They prosecute if there is evidence that a person committed the crime. In every instance they issue a crime number that the victims can give to insurance companies, thus their statement is believed as a default.
  11. It’s about creating an environment where survivors can speak and report WITHOUT the automatic assumption they aren’t being truthful. Can you imagine if burglary was treated in the same way? “Were they robbed though? They did leave their window open and surely that’s inviting trouble. They had a big TV delivered in broad daylight as well so they were flaunting it. Plus they live in a dodgy neighbourhood so what did they expect. It sounds like an insurance job to me”
  12. And, again, until they are proven to have made it up, the women coming forward are indeed innocent until proven guilty. There are loads who haven’t come forward because they think what they experienced is minor compared to rape, as if there is a points system in place and that’s horrible.
  13. In news that will surprise nobody, I absolutely love Roy Keane. Despite all of his shithousery he has done, my favourite thing is him getting Crouch to sell his car by glaring at him. What a fantastic bastard he is.
  14. Wondered how long a new boxing thread would go before Ebb double posted. I wasn’t disappointed.
  15. Regarding Havoc and AEW, if that’s the case about not being allowed to be fired when in rehab, he’s gone into self preservation mode like sociopaths and abusers do. Their statement read to me like a “We see what you did, and we will be waiting”
  16. Regarding innocent until proven guilty, it’s absolutely right. Until the people coming forward with stories are proven to be guilty of lying or making it up, they’re innocent and should be treated as such.
  17. Have you listened to the BBC radio adaptation from the early 80s where he plays Frodo?
  18. Because it's EA you'll be buying Sk*t* and then in game purchasing gets you the E and A to complete it HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
  19. Literally posted a few posts above. Can we stop just posting a link without reading the thread first? It doesn’t take long to do.
  20. Their Twitter is a fucking mess as well.
  21. I wonder how prevalent this kind of thing is.
  22. I was referring to the personal ethics of the individual as opposed to any financial implications. Promotions will start again with new letters and the same people.
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