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Best and worst fictitious bands


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Inspired by the absolute shite that was Defiler/Visiting Day from The Sopranos, who are clearly contenders for the worst fictitious band, what are some other good suggestions for those categories?

I'm not having Stillwater as the best, but only because I thought they were a bit crap :)

Our household are big Loded Diper fans. Rodrick indeed rules.

The Orange Organics are a good shout for best band as well.

Josie & The Pussycats too. 

There are loads out there so your suggestions for best and worst please.

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Worst would have to be Various Artists/Grandma's Boner/The Hair Blair Bunch/Spunk Bubble/Mama's Kumquat/Coming Up For Blair/Executioner's Bong/Curse These Metal Hands/Danny Dyer's Chocolate Homunculus/Man Feelings/13 Bastards/Chemical Toilet Brothers from Peep Show.

Just a brilliantly done, sonically agonising "I'm 18, weed's my culture and I just got a dodgy torrent of Fruityloops"


Best is Blouse, of course. Chris Morris's quite frankly astoundingly accurate send-up of Jarvis Cocker/Pulp:

"Myra is a very complex woman you know. And this is a song about her hair."

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21 minutes ago, Dr. Alan Grant said:

almost famous GIF by hero0fwar

A contender for the worst has to be Drive Shaft. 

Sorry mate. Maybe I was being harsh, but Fever Dog was a crap song.

But I will say that they did absolutely nail for sound/look etc of a band from that era. And Billy Crudup is one sexy man.

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