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Clips you watch on repeat

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12 hours ago, Nostalgia Nonce said:

Weirdly, Alex sounds like he's repeating something he's been practicing and can't actually speak German.

I'm not totally convinced Davey Boy can speak English either.

“I can do every style, that’s why they call me the British Bulldog.”

How bizarre.

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I forgot how fantastic that Sandman ONS entrance is. A terrible wrestler with just such an odd charisma. There's a bit in the entrance where he just glares at a shit faced JBL in the balcony and wanks off his cane. It weirdly made me want to see JBL/Sandman. What a sight that would have been.

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I've always quite liked Edge but I don't think I ever 'got' him in the same way as a lot of people seem to. In fact, I always underestimate his popularity amongst the general fanbase. So while it might be personal bias as I was in attendance at Clash at the Castle, this entrance still gives me goosebumps. Just knowing that he had his whole career taken away, then got a second chance and was rewarded with 50000+ fans singing along to his famous theme (with perfect cadence I might add) is really life affirming.

This and 'Broken Dreams' from the same event get a frequent replay on my YouTube app.

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