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Everyone Out- The Strike Thread


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10 minutes ago, King Coconut said:

The tolites are locked and all you can think about is skirt?

 Perhaps if they paid attention in class they wouldn’t make such errors. They are only strengthening the need for National Service to return. 

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I mean, I agree with them about the toilets being locked, but unfortunately the last tiktok trend was to smash up the toilets, and there's been 1000s of pounds worth of damage done to the loos since September...


The skirts is a different issue, the school uniform states that 4 buttons should be shown on the skirt, just like it says I should always wear a tie, so I just remind them four buttons; I don't mention the length at all. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I had thought they'd been postponed. I heard that a few days ago, and haven't seen anything to the contrary, but not 100%. 

Edit: I think some are still on, so strikes still happening on the below dates:

Thursday 16 March

Saturday 18 March

Thursday 30 March

Saturday 1 April

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A couple of weeks after our ceo lied for the second time of questioning about us not being disciplined on our PDA actuals an area manager  who isn’t even in on our area but is working from our office because his wife has just become our manager threatened to sack half our office due to data compiled from PDA actuals. To our union rep. The stupid runs strong through the Royal Mail management tree.

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2 hours ago, Merzbow said:

National Express West Midlands are on strike from the 16th, too. It's an ongoing strike with no set date to return if I remember right.

So it’s an, ahem, open picket?

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Well the NX West Midlands strike is now most definitely going ahead on the 20th, Unite have accused them of union busting.


All out indefinite strike action impacting 93 per cent of the West Midlands bus network by 3,100 National Express drivers will begin on Monday (20 March).

Strikes are back on after National Express refused to allow drivers to vote on its latest offer during meetings at their depots. The union was willing to put the offer to a vote, even though it is likely to be rejected because it ties workers into a three year pay deal.

Unite accused National Express of ‘union busting’ and believes the company’s refusal to allow a workplace ballot is an attack on union democracy.

National Express also insisted Unite endorse the deal. After the union refused to, the company demanded the union remain neutral. 

As well as preventing a depot-based vote on the deal, National Express stands accused of:

  • Dragging individuals into one-to-one meetings to brow beat them into not taking strike action

  • Sending text messages demanding to know if workers are striking

  • Threatening job losses and garage closures if industrial action goes ahead

  • Workers have also reported that they have been told they will be barred from overtime in the future if they strike.


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