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The Conor McGregor thread 2.0


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1 hour ago, Silky Kisser said:

I feel like I'm coming off as a McGregor sympathiser here, fuck me I hope not, but there has to be a reason why Dana is continually trying to smash the square peg into the round hole. Maybe it is simply a case of wanting to keep him sweet, but I firmly believe business is better for the UFC if he's on top.

I completely get what you’re saying and I don’t think you’re a McGregor sympathiser. Business is absolutely gonna be better if McGregor is on top. The problem is, I think it’s clear that he’s not in the form anymore where he’s gonna stay on top. On a given night I could maybe see him clipping Oliveira early or something and winning the title. But then he’s almost certainly losing it in his first defence. 2022 McGregor just isn’t going on another sustained run at the top. So all they’re doing by putting him in with current championship level guys is increasing the likelihood of him getting his arse kicked. I don’t think he’s shot or anything but I think it’s clear at this point that he’s not the fighter he was. I think the money, maybe general wear and tear, injuries and all the other things that can play a part in a fighter dipping in form are factors. And also, Alvarez fight aside, he’s not looked anywhere near as effective or powerful at 155 as he did at 145. Massive name and star of course, and still a good fighter, but I just don’t think he’s on that level anymore for a bunch of reasons. It’s easy to forget but his UFC run has been 9 years now. He debuted in 2013. It all comes to an end and Conor really hasn’t had great win since Alvarez in 2016, and not a seriously elite win since Aldo in 2015. He’s had a great run but he’s in that phase of his career now that all fighters face eventually where it’s either retire at the top (GSP/Lennox Lewis) which barely any fighter does, move into the ‘fun name fights’ stage for a few more paydays in winnable fan friendly matchups, or do what the majority of fighters do and McGregor’s been going the same way, stay in denial and keep going for gold and getting spanked on a more and more consistent basis as time goes by.

I think between us all we’ve pretty much nailed it. It’s most likely down to McGregor’s delusions making him think he’s still the big dog in the yard and the UFC brass just trying to appease him to keep him around as long as possible. 

31 minutes ago, Ironic Indie Lad said:

Personally, If I was promoting him I would imagine I could get more fights and more money out of him over a longer term if it was away from title contention at 155 and 170. I'm talking about the likes of Diaz, Lawler, Ferguson, Masvidal, Chandler. Guys with name value who are past their best days (being fair, Conor fits that description at this stage). To me those are still marketable fights but ones he actually has a chance of winning. Surely that's better than him getting absolutely ruined by the likes of Makachev and Usman?

100% what I was getting at. Although I don’t know why I’m even complaining because seeing him fed to Makhachev, Usman, Chimaev and guys like that would be hilarious and way more satisfying for me to watch personally than the more competitive options. I’m at the stage now where I obviously understand business is better with him around but my own entertainment is more important to me than the finances of a company that doesn’t pay me anything. I genuinely would not be arsed now if McGregor just disappeared and if throwing him in with the Oliveiras and Makhachevs is gonna achieve that I’m alright with that. 

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Usman’s gonna be all over it as well. That’s the payday for him. Sod this Canelo nonsense. McGregor’s the biggest payday in MMA and for Usman he’s easy money.

Watch Leon Edwards get left out in the cold again now. Dana’s confirmed today that Usman vs Edwards 2 is next, when Usman heals his hand up. And the July PPV (276) is the one that looks likely for it. But McGregor’s due back around the summer as well and I won’t be shocked if they swerve it and make Usman vs McGregor, as mental and silly as that is. Couldn’t blame Usman at all but I’d much rather see him face Edwards and (assuming he beats Edwards) Chimaev (if he beats Burns) this year. Lot of ifs there but it’s one to keep an eye on. 

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As I've said before, one thing that can never be said about McG is that he looks for easy fights. 

Since he won that interim belt he's fought a who's who in the sport. 

Eddie Alvarez, Aldo, Chad Mendes, Nate twice, Khabib, Cerrone, and Poirier twice. The only gimme in that lot is possible Cowboy and he smashed through him in 40 seconds.

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I get that and nobody’s denying it. But he’s gonna fight a who’s who. He’s too big a name to be piddling about with middle of the pack guys and he’s too big a name to be facing up and coming prospects. He can’t go backwards at this point. He’s only gonna fight champions, top level established names, ‘made men’ etc. It’s also a bit easier to take the tougher, riskier fights when your grandkids money is already made and you’re set for life. But even that Cerrone fight you mention there, not only was it a gimme, he hand-picked Cerrone over a tougher fight in Justin Gaethje, even though Gaethje was calling him out at the time. And Cerrone was coming off a first round knockout loss to Gaethje. I’m not saying there was anything wrong with him taking the Cerrone fight, McGregor was coming off a massive layoff at the time himself, and I know you’ve already said it was a gimme. He definitely doesn’t typically take easy fights but, again, it’s not really a risk for him anymore as he’s already made his dough. Ever since the Mayweather payday and Proper Twelve money started rolling in, it’s all just extra at this point. Plus going up in weight to fight Usman is worth it because he’s expected to lose, it has a built in excuse when he does lose. But on the tiny chance he somehow pulls it off, it’s a history making win and a third division’s title (that he never deserved the shot for) on his mantle.

Credit where it’s due I guess but still, fuck him. 

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