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Diesel in a singlet


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16 minutes ago, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

At least that explains why his Funko mini figure had a singlet

As did his Hasbro.


Shut up. My figure fed, not yours.

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Looks absolutely tremendous to be honest. After Nash revealed those photos of the state of his legs these days not so long ago, made me assume that toothpick legs had always been an issue for him, but got by because 'upper body business brother' and all that. Turns out once upon a time they were just as big and sexy as the rest of him.

I don't have a twitter, but someone tweet that to the OSW lads if someone hasn't already. They discuss Mack Trucks outfit and surmise that it must be a singlet if you stripped away his tassely pants. Which there must be loads more cases of. Bret always got me a little. I think he had similar, a singlet like he rocked at Survivor Series '93, long pants over those and then trunks over the long pants. So many unnecessary layers. Must have had the sweatiest bollocks in the world when he dropped the belt to Shawn.

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Looks so odd. I saw Diesel vs Tatanka at the NEC in Birmingham not long after this. The December, I think. I’m wondering if he had this clobber on then as well. I don’t recall it so probably not, but I was 8 years old so fuck knows. I’m guessing they’d gone with the leather kegs look by December though as he was in the Rumble with that look.

Edit - My memory is shocking. Could’ve sworn it was Perfect replacing Tatanka not the other way around. I’m getting old. 

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19 hours ago, boyfriend said:

Cracking find!

I love 1-off attires or rare colour schemes. Definitely need to hijack this thread or bump the old one.

You may have already seen this - Razor Ramon with long tights prior to his TV debut: 


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