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Budget Championship Wrestling

UK Kat Von D

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Little game to pass the time for those in isolation or who just want to pass the time while having a shit at work.

You have £50 to grab a bunch of wrestling related items. Post links to your hoard and the person with the most interesting stuff wins £50 out of my PayPal to actually buy their tat. I wanna see the most obscure and ridiculous collections of rubbish you can. Use eBay, Wish or anything to find the memorabilia you can’t believe someone actually made. Make it interesting and keep it wrestling related.

You can’t post something someone else has already found and only one entry per person. Although you can reply to other people’s finds as much as you like. I’ll judge the winner based on my own discretion but take into account the amount of likes the post has.


The winner can also donate the prize money to a charity of their choice or keep it to help them tick over during this time of financial uncertainty.


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I’ll start with this Ultimate WWE Tattoo set starring CM Punk. It comes with gel pens and is only £10.

Follow that up with this knock-off Vegan World Order t-shirt. That’s a tenner too, but you have to pay to ship it from Portugal, so £15. I’m halfway to the budget.

You’ll need a drink at some point, so why not use these vintage Hardy Boyz shot glasses? £10 including delivery.

Relax late into the night with this copy of the WWE Originals album on CD. A mere £4.

Keep your stuff safe and use a 1991 vintage WWF bum bag. £1.70? Bargain.

And finally, rest your weary head on a customised Tyson Kidd cushion where he’s got the Cruiserweight Title for some reason. The final £9 gone, and that’s your lot.


(Genuinely tried my best here, the boiler stopped working tonight so I could use that £50!) 

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I'd buy this hideous fucking Rey Mysterio shirt that looks like his skin, Complete with tattoos but lacking his mid-2000s roid bulges. £25https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WWF-WWE-Rey-Mysterio-Mexican-619-Official-T-shirt-2005-Wrestle-Mania-21-Size-XL/163933352005?hash=item262b307045:g:kzsAAOSw-7hdwvx7


I'd have this ugly as fuck plastic Rey Mysterio mask. It's half face too, not even over the top of the bonce. £6


These ugly as sin lucha tights. 15


This DK reader level 2 Rey Mysterio book. This will likely be more of a challenge to read than Rey's actual book.£3


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Right, here goes.

First up, it's a throwback to Jaywick Market circa 1991 - the crap knock-off wrestling figure of, unsurprisngly, Braden Walker. It's listed as a best offer and I feel confident of shaking hands at £3.50.



Second, it's an exact replica of John Cena, fashioned from cloth and kapox. A tenner isn't happening, but they'll be mad not accept my £8.50.


Third, a screen-accurate Dude Love with boots, arms and face. It's an auction starting at £5 but seriously, who's going to be bid against me?



Fourth, it's the Lita mug that's been printed in the style/quality of any such market poster. Listed as being heavily used, as has the mug. £4.99



Fifth, it's the much saught-after Heidenreich Top-Trumps card. A nice little stocking filler at less than a pound.


Sixth, the latest Drew McIntyre figure at £4.99


Seventh (yes seventh), it's a piece of paper with Paul Burchil puffing up like a cold robin on it. Another best offer, and it's mine at 80 pence.


Eight, a WWF rubber for £1.99


Total including postage comes in at £48.79. I might thow in 2 Heidenreichs and combine postage to fill my fifty.






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I'd never have expected it, but The Gymini were around for long enough to have their own action figures made: 



They're just £18.29, and what's more, they've been used for display purposes only. 

I wasn't a fan during the era of Hardcore matches, but that's OK. I can recreate them from the comfort of my living room with this WWE garbage can accessory: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/wwe-Rubbish-Bin-Garbage-trash-can-accessory/223924192019?hash=item3422ec0313:g:rc8AAOSwwH9eUR0R

That's £3.49. I won't bore you with a picture, it's a bin at the end of the day. Albeit a BARGAIN PRICED one. 

But this one does merit a picture: 


That's right, a signed photo of Little Boogeyman! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Little-Boogeyman-signed-8x10-color-wrestling-photo-WWE-ECW-RARE-WWF/173863737658?hash=item287b16193a:g:THMAAOxyyq5TMvBp

It's a bargain at £15,48, bringing my total so far to £37.26. More than enough money to get me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WWE-Kids-Toothbrush-Soft-2-Toothbrushes-Brush-Buddies/283297123007?epid=1962766372&hash=item41f5d30abf:g:1pIAAOSw0rdcDY9E


I may not have any toilet paper in, but for £9.32 I'll have teeth so clean it'll distract from any part of me that...erm...isn't. 

That's more than enough to get myself this: 


A Kenzo Suzuki/Hiroshi Tanahashi calendar from 2003 that one sneaky seller is trying to pass off as a poster: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-JAPAN-PRO-WRESTLING-KENZO-SUZUKI-HIROSHI-TANAHASHI-POSTER-njpw-wwe-wwf-roh/362944343971?hash=item54812b2fa3:g:XeAAAOSwnfRcLLOJ

£49.57. Job well done, I reckon.

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For a paltry £10.15 we have Atsushi Onita's Punk EP Genki Desu Ka


Have a brew with both Bret Hart and the Hulkster with this classy designed mug. Made In England and only 15 quid.


Aaaand for a whole 7 pounds we have what every WCW fan was clamouring for, a Nitro Girls Beanie Bear!



Get ready to use the bog roll you've hoarded as we have WWF Divas of Hedonism next, £8.99.


We're not finished yet.. we have Betamax! 9 quid (excluding shipping, shhh)


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On eBay I'm going for Buy It Nows with free postage, or adding postage to the price, because anything else is cheating quite frankly Jess.

For the bargain price of £12.99, I've been lucky enough to find a pair of shades that'll turn any figure in your home into a certified Bret Hart fan:


Of course any action figure will become "Hitman Mad" once you've sat them down in front of WWE Network, which we all know costs a one-off sum of £6.50 for lifetime access:


For £5.74 here's a beautiful addition to anyone's mantelpiece, the unpainted "look a like" head of Haku:


Bookmark Calloway will help you read in peace for just £6.98:


This American lifestyle magazine seems to have an article about women's revolution forerunner Candice Michelle, and like all classic literature its held its value, setting you back £13.49:


A guilty £5.99 under the table gets you this dubious New Day ornament, designed by popular children's author Enid Blyton:


Who said Trips doesn't do flips? An absolute paedophile, that's who. Because here he is, our man of mans, with his very own flip book, and it's a flippin' steal at £3.50:


This leaves you with only £1.31, which sadly isn't enough to... BAH GAWD, KING! THAT'S HIGHSPOTS TV'S MUSIC! And he's saying you can have his DOUBLE-SIDED flyer for £1.25! In this economy!


Your remaining six pennies can be used as loose weights for action figures to throw at each other in the gym, when they're not showing their support for Bret Hart on WWE Network.

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