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One of those posts that I've gone back and re-read several times to see if it's still funny and, yes, it is.


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Rule One's exquisite explanations about Replica belts and Bootlegs warranted a mention. Superb


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chokeout with yet another piece of fried gold:

34 minutes ago, chokeout said:



Woodyatt, Nail, McFadden, Le Vell, Kemp, Lawson, Blackwood, Wolf off of Gladiators, Burnside.....shit just got real.


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The repeat of Fred sealed it for me.

I said, the repeat of Fred sealed it for me.

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12 hours ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Mad Max: Fury Road Poster Released

Five years since this masterpiece came out. FIVE YEARS.

Recently I've been rewatching a lot of my favourite films, particularly ones I might not have seen for a while, to see if they're as good as I remember them being. I'll rewatch Fury Road too but not to see if it's as good as I remember the last time I watched it (last year) but, well, because it's Fury Road.

A lot of my favourite films have endured from when I was a kid. Stuff like Aliens, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Dirty Harry, Predator - these are all films I rewatched religiously as a kid and I still do, really.

As I've gotten older, I've become a lot pickier about what becomes a favourite, or what I'd give five stars too. Even something like The Nice Guys, which I've watched about 15 times now, wasn't a total success first time round. It took a few watches before I realised how great it was and how much I loved it.

But there was rarely any doubt with Fury Road. In fact there was no doubt from about as early as this point.

Why? IRHasDiabetes911 explains:-


There's so much in Fury Road that I never thought I'd see. But I haven't seen it in anything since and while, yes, it's only been five years, cinema doesn't stick around. If it hits on something that looks great, it's no more than a year before the clones and derivatives start coming.

That hasn't happened with Fury Road. Why? Because it's the work of a madman.

One of my favourite quotes about Fury Road is this from the critic David Ehrlich:-


It's really no surprise that attempts to make a sequel or sequels or spin-offs have stalled. Fury Road wasn't a huge box office hit and actually made a slight loss but even despite the universal acclaim it immediately garnered, instantaneously acclaimed by some as one of the greatest action films ever made, I can sort of understand why a studio would still be nervous about making another one.

Because what would George Miller do next? Something more mental than blokes on poles vaulting across speeding, exploding cars, that's what. The insurance would probably cost $150 million by itself.

Ehrlich is not just right about films as "products", but there's little risk taken in movies anymore. Since Jackie Chan passed his prime, the danger had gone out of action film making. But we've seen a revival of it recently, mainly through Tom Cruise dragging his half-hanging off leg across London and hanging on to the outside of planes, but also because of Fury Road.

It's no coincidence that the danger and borderline lunacy in making those films has translated to some of the best the genre has ever seen. The 2010s saw a sensational revival in action cinema and the key has been in taking risks.

Get this though. Fury Road was so good that even the Oscars couldn't ignore it. They don't matter a shit, of course, but they *never* put up the big nominations to action films.

It should have won, but they were obviously never going to go that far. It excelled in all departments, in ways no other film did that year. Its pacing, plot, character, themes, dialogue, action, sound and effects. And the acting.

This amazing thing happens about halfway through Fury Road. It's no longer a Mad Max film, it's a Furiosa film. It's her story and her destination and those women under her wing that become the story here. Charlize Theron is the key to this.

There's a lot of talk at the moment about Tom Hardy and whether he can actually act, but he's not outshone in this because he's no good. He steps into Mel Gibson's shoes effortlessly and steps aside when Theron comes to the fore, a situation she then uses to elevate it still further.

Everyone is comfortable in their own characters though, taking what could have been daft, nonsense dialogue and making it make perfect sense in its own world.

Then there's the ending.

An exchange of nods and Max is on his way. That's all it needs to be but that's how it almost never is in any film.

It's a good film imo.

Devon’s review of Fury Road five years on is worth a nomination or 11.

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10 minutes ago, Astro Hollywood said:

"Pull it back!" yelled Nicky Barmby, advancing into the six yard box. From his position between the sticks, Dave Beasant saw what was happening just before he smelled it. Samways' white shorts dropped past his shinpads, down to his boots. "God help us," thought Barmby, knowing he too late to stop it; "the bloody fool thought I meant his foreskin..."

Vinny Samways peeled it all the way back, revealing a purple bell that hadn't seen a flannel since the eighties. Within seconds, the acrid stench begun overpowering the players, who started dropping like flies, convulsing and foaming at the mouth. At the far end, Erik Thorstvedt - outside of breathing a fatal dose, but still within smelling range - wafted away the air with his big goalie gloves.

"Fuck me," he said, "that's one stinky dick!" The referee put the whistle in his mouth in a desperate attempt to stop the chaos, but in doing so, inhaled a lungful of Vinny Samways' whiffy winkle, and dropped dead where he stood.


Can’t stop giggling at this.

Edited by HarmonicGenerator

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Seconded, the below in particular has me laughing every time I read it. 

16 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

"Fuck me," he said, "that's one stinky dick!"


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