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WWE Clash Of Champions 2019


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Surprised there wasn’t a thread, I’m sure people will want to discuss in the morning, I’ll be watching as much as I can tonight prior to falling asleep.

Full Card

WWE Universal Title Match

Seth Rollins(c) Vs Braun Strowman

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Kofi Kingston(c) Vs Randy Orton

Raw Women’s Title Match

Becky Lynch(c) Vs Sasha Banks

Smackdown Women’s Title Match

Bayley(c) Vs Charlotte

No Disqualification Match

Roman Reigns Vs Erick Rowan

WWE United States Title Match

AJ Styles(c) Vs Cedric Alexander

WWE Intercontinental Title Match 

Shinsuke Nakamura(c) Vs The Miz

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title Match

Xavier Woods and Big E(c) Vs Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross(c) Vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match

Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman(c) Vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

Drew Gulak(c) Vs Humberto Carrillo Vs Lince Dorado

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I had no plan to watch this until I saw Harper was back and then I had to have a skip through the highlights. He looked great, as usual, but not sure where it goes without him and Rowan just becoming a tag again. Hopefully a big ruse and they turn out to be Bryan's army. Chuck Rusev in there too.

My biggest frustration with Graves present again at the end of the Raw tag title match. He should be shit stirring. He should suggest Strowman wanted to deck Rollins because he wants the title. Jess would have. And it would have made a 100 times more interesting dynamic. Graves just plays another sportscaster. Which could work if the shows were presented in any way as a sporting event. They're not. Be a heel.

Thought Becky Lynch's promo was money. Too late in the actual show to make money but still her best work for ages, even if it dud start with a lame reminder about her and Seth.

Loved the crowd pop for the closing angle. Clever to do it then, when everyone thinks the predictable thing to do isn't happening. Commentators did a great job of presenting it as the end of the show. Not really sure where it goes without killing the intrigue of the Fiend but they've literally got nothing else.

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Yeah, the crowd reaction to Bray was brilliant. When was the last time a WWE pay per view ended with that type of pop and cliff-hanger intrigue? 

I understand them going with Wyatt as a Title contender since he’s by far the hottest thing going right now, but man. Not only is it months too early and not only is it going to kill his momentum if he doesn’t win the Title, but think of poor Seth! As if he wasn’t having a hard enough time already getting the fans on his side! He’s absolutely fucked here. A whiney, tragic shell of a man going against the coolest act in the business. If they’re booing him against Strowman he hasn’t got a prayer against The Fiend.

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A mostly skippable show really.

Glad this Sasha feud is giving Becky something better to do work with.

Crowd were dead for most of the show but there wasn't exactly much to care about either.

Luke Harper's return made me smile. Love that guy.

Seth/Braun felt like one of those matches that just didn't need to be booked. This is where 'sports entertainment' confuses me sometimes. They book themselves into a corner with two guys that don't really need a loss. It's not a legit sport where you've ended up with the two best guys against each other. You've literally chosen to put them together and make one of them lose. It's annoying, and I'm not saying Braun looked especially weak in losing but he didn't have to lose because he shouldn't have been in that situation.

Same goes with Seth vs The Fiend. In an ideal world The Fiend should be absolutely destroying Seth but they won't want that, as even Finn didn't get completely buried.

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With the Fox debut looming, I wonder if it’s time to turn Daniel Bryan back babyface? Bringing Luke Harper back and teaming him with Rowan again, there seems to be a natural feud against Roman and Bryan that’d likely deliver some belting tag matches. Worst case scenario though, at least if Daniel Bryan is revealed to be the culprit in the end and Luke just joins the Vegan Posse, it’ll still lead to better TV matches now, with Roman working with Harper rather than Rowan. How Rowan ever got this gig ahead of Harper is beyond me. Based on talent and ability, it’s absolutely mental that Eric Rowan has just had a one-on-one PPV victory over Roman Reigns.

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Adopting a persona to increase self belief, riding momentum and playing mind games, hell even his being in better shape, all things that can bring Wyatt upwards and a more than credible threat to Rollins. I can't see how that's not immediately obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense or intelligence...oh yeah it's C-Rock lol

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27 minutes ago, C-Rock said:

I can't see how a character change makes Bray Wyatt less unbeatable, he's already lost to Seth and many others. It's only Bray with a mask on and some scary music...oh yeah it's wrestling lol

Yeah I remember when Stone Cold was headlining Wrestlemania and everyone shat all over him because he was The Ringmaster and they couldn't believe such a guy was main eventing.

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1 hour ago, C-Rock said:

I can't see how a character change makes Bray Wyatt less unbeatable, he's already lost to Seth and many others. It's only Bray with a mask on and some scary music...oh yeah it's wrestling lol

Yep I'm still confused now Issacc Yankem went on to become a main eventer and managed to win all those titles simply by slapping on a mask too!

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