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  1. The two women's matches were sloppy and badly put together. The traditional women's match played out like I thought with some of the NXT women getting upset pins on they established WWE women without hurting them in the least bit but giving a rub the upcoming women. For me it's really apparent that the NXT girls have alot more athleticism and work a more indie style, fast and daring pace than they established WWE women. It's a shame that there wasn't more depth this match as more high spots but it felt very traditional slower paced typical Women's match than it did a NXT match and the NXT women didn't get a whole lot of opportunities to show out like they did the previous night at Takeover. I wonder if it's the case that when NXT wrestlers are called up they are told to work a more traditional WWE style than compared to what they are used to in NXT possibly because they are working with more slow paced veterans maybe or the agents and producers in WWE want and expect a different approach to their work than the agents and producers in NXT. There's a obvious in ring difference between WWE and NXT and it's a shame if it's the case that when workers make the switch they have to tone down there stuff. Maybe that's why Finn Balor is back in NXT as he can be more creative in NXT. I thought the matches were very repetitive lastnight as well with very little making each one stand out from the crowd. Same moves and high spots etc like diving through the ropes only to be stopped by a kick or a kick from the outside to someone inside the ring and my god the amount of super kicks and general kicks is ridiculous. Its all become very obvious to were you can call what's going to happen before it even happens. Brock and Rey was to be expected, what I found funny was when Brock stepped on the 'steel' pipe in squashed a bit like a cardboard toilet roll lol
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