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Football Predictions League 2019-20 sign-ups

Fog Dude

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Well, it's about time we get the ball rolling on this again. I promised it'd be up before all the international tournaments are finished, so I'm just about sticking to that.

The Africa Cup of Nations is almost over and Europa League qualifiers are in full swing. The first set of 10 will be published in just a fortnight's time ahead of the Community Shield.

The regulars know how this works. Confirm your participation here in your usual succint way. I've cleared some space in my inbox for your D2D choices.

For newcomers, you might want to read the post below. If you like football, think you're good at guessing and the rules don't put you off, then you can register an interest here. 

Feel free to ask any questions about the competition too. 

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The Basics

There will be 42 weekly rounds. 39 of these will consist of 10 matches each, one will have 20 games and 2 will have even more.

All fixtures in most rounds will be from Saturday and Sunday. Friday matches are allowed during international rounds and on Good Friday. Monday games are permitted for international weeks and on other Bank Holidays.

In ordinary rounds, the card usually goes up early on Wednesday morning. Postponed or abandoned games are generally void, unless completed within a couple of days.

You earn 1 point for every result you guess correctly. You get 3 points for each exact scoreline you predict right. There are also chances for bonus points. 


The main way to get bonuses is the 'Dare 2 Disagree' system, a format devised by @seph ages ago and only tweaked slightly ever since.

Essentially you predict as normal, but the pick on "your" team's fixture doubles up as a bet. If you guess the result successfully, you receive 2 bonus points for everyone who disagreed with you.

On the other hand, if you predict incorrectly, everyone who disagreed with you gets 2 additional bonus points for the round.

To make this work fairly, each participant must send me by PM the names of at least 3 teams (in order of preference, please) that they support or they'd like to adopt as their own for these purposes. This information remains a secret until it's your turn. Here are the eligible sides you can choose from this time –

International teams: all UEFA members plus any other nation expected to have a competitive fixture during the season. Keep in mind that we are only expecting 4 international weeks in total.

Men's club teams: any from 

  • the top 6 divisions in English football
  • the top 5 tiers of Scottish football
  • the top 3 leagues in German football [except Bayern Munich reserves]
  • the top 2 tiers in Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Gibraltar, Spain, Italy or Belgium
  • the top 2 divisions in Austria and the Netherlands [apart from youth/reserve teams]
  • Major League Soccer or the A-League
  • any other top flight that operates on a 'winter' schedule.

Women's club teams: any from

  • the top 2 leagues in England or Scotland
  • the top flights of Wales, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain or Sweden
  • the NWSL or W-League.

For the past few seasons, we've managed to second go-around of bets, so do think carefully about your second and third choices, as they may well come into play.

Other stuff

You'll need to be properly signed up by the end of August in order to carry on. After that, you're out if you miss 3 full weeks in a row.

For the last few years everyone's automatically been entered into an FPL Cup competition too. It started as a late-season afterthought, but last year a group stage was added that allowed it to be spread across the season, which worked quite well.

I'll decide the format for that once I know how many people are joining in this season.

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After 6 days (but with nearly half of that being downtime) we've had – excluding me – 8 entries so far, all of whom are return players from last season.

Only 13 team names have been sent via PM. Italian clubs seem popular as usual, but Serie A and B won't publish their fixtures for another week yet. 

Where I can I've provisionally allocated D2D turns to people, though. Keep 'em coming! 

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One last bump of this before we get underway in a new thread on Wednesday. Thanks for all the messages so far. I'm still waiting for PMs from two people who've posted here.

Anybody can jump in during the first month, but they'll have to be signed up properly with D2D teams by the end of August. 

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