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Indymania 2019


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So as we all know Wrestlemania week isn't just restricted to whatever WWE do, this week represents the opportunity for many Indy companies to get new eyes on their product, Wrestlecon rolls into town for their annual convention and cards and in recent times ROH and Impact have got in on that Mania tourist money so with that said here is what is on tap for wrestling outside of the big show bubble this week, nearly all shows will be streamed online, mostly by FITE TV. First post covers the Wednesday and Thursday shows, tomorrow's covers Friday and Saturday

Wednesday April 3rd

Pizza Party Wrestling

Matches include Ophidian vs Pizza Cat, Sam Jude vs Rory Gulak vs KTB in a Street Fight and T-Flex vs Tony Deppen

UPWA : Undeniable

UPWA Heavyweight Title - LA Tank vs Robbie E

Billy Gunn vs Victor Andrews

UPWA Tag Team Titles - Team Espana vs American Pitbulls vs Stars and Stripes (Buff Bagwell and the Patriot) vs the Dirty Blondes

Chris Masters Masterlock Challenge

Battle Club Pro - Women Crush Wednesday

BCP Icons Championship - Harlow O'Hara vs Kylie Rae

Maria Maniac vs Su Yung

Allie Kat and Veda Scott vs Shazza McKenzie and Indi Hartwell

Wrestlepro - Does Funny = Money?

Santino Marella and Colt Cabana vs Heavenly Bodies (Desirable Dustin and Gigolo Justin)

Team Tremendous vs Demon Bunny

Swoggle vs Dan Maff - Street Fight

Tag Team Gauntlet - KM and Fallah Bah vs BwO vs Team Espana vs Shook Crew vs Breakfast Club vs Massage Force

Murdermania Night 1

The Ugly Ducklings vs Gym Nasty Boys

Thursday April 4th

IndependentWrestling.TV - Family Reunion

Independent Wrestling Championship - Orange Cassidy vs Jonathan Gresham

ACTION Wrestling Championship - AC Mack vs Fred Yehi

Jake Parnell vs Gary Jay - Last Man Standing


EVOLVE Championship - Austin Theory vs Kyle O'Reilly

EVOLVE Tag Team Titles - Eddie Kingston and Joe Gacy vs Konosuke Takeshita and MAO

Montez Ford vs Shane Strickland

Angelo Dawkins vs Colby Corino

Destiny x Fight Club Pro - Fight For Destiny

The Rascalz vs Besties in the World vs Team White Wolf vs Session Juice

Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos and Kyle Fletcher vs Amazing Red, Puma King and Robbie Eagles

Destiny NEXT Generation Championship - Kip Sabian vs Penelope Ford vs Trey Miguel vs Jake Atlas

Ethan Page vs Shane Strickland vs Sami Callihan

WXW - Amerika Ist Wunderbar

WXW Unified World Wrestling Championship - Bobby Gunns vs Shigehiro Irie

WXW Shotgun Championship - Marius Al Ani vs Emil Sitoci

WXW World Tag Team Championship - Aussie Open vs The Workhorsemen

LAX vs The Crown

Lucky Kid vs David Starr

GCW -  Josh Barnett's Bloodsport

Killer Kross vs Davey Boy Smith Jr

Frank Mir vs Dan Severn

Minoru Suzuki vs Josh Barnett

Simon Gotch vs JR Kratos

MLW - Rise of the Renegades (TV Tapings)

MLW World Championship - Street Fight - Tom Lawlor vs Jimmy Havoc

MJF vs Brian Pillman Jr

Sami Callihan vs Mance Warner

LA Park vs Pentagon Jr

6 Man Tables Match - Hart Foundation vs Dinasty

Wrestlecon Supershow

Will Ospreay vs Bandido

Dragon Lee vs Barbaro Cavernario

Zack Sabre Jr vs Shane Strickland

Masato Tanaka vs Eddie Kingston

NYWC - A Matter of Pride

Chris Kanyon Memorial Battle Royal

Sonny Kiss vs Melina

Interspecies Wrestling - Boner Jam IV : Balls Out

King of Crazy Championship - Fans Bring The Lego Deathmatch - Addy Starr vs Nick Gage vs Jeff Cannonball vs Matt Tremont

Sexxxy Eddy vs Swoggle

DDT Pro - Coming To America

Iron Heavymetalweight Championship - Battle Royal - Saki Akai, Colt Cabana, Kikutaro, X, Makoto Oishi, Kazuki Hirata, Yoshihiko and Mizuki Watase

Weapon Rumble - MAO vs Sanshiro Takagi

Murdermania Night 2

Air Wolf vs Pinkie Sanchez vs Atomic Thunder Frog vs Arik Cannon

Casanova Valentine vs Effy

Impact Wrestling - United We Stand

Extreme Rules Tag Match - Lucha Bros vs RVD and Sabu

X Division Title - Rich Swann vs Flamita

Ultimate X - Johnny Impact (World Champion) vs Jake Crist vs Dante Fox vs Jack Evans vs Pat Buck vs Kotto Brazil

Knockouts Championship - Taya vs Jordynne Grace vs Katie Forbes vs Rosemary

LAX vs Promociones Dorado

Monster's Ball - Jimmy Havoc vs Sami Callihan

Joey Ryan vs Tessa Blanchard

Team Impact (Eddie Edwards, Moose, Brian Cage and ??) vs Lucha Underground (Aerostar, Drago, Daga and Marty The Moth Martinez)

AIW - Slumber Party Massacre

Absolute Championship - PB Smooth vs Tom Lawlor vs Tim Donst vs Matthew Justice

AIW Tag Team Championship - To Infinity And Beyond vs The Production vs The Philly Marino Experience vs The Boys From Jollyville

Scott Steiner vs Swoggle

Ethan Page and MJF vs Colt Cabana and Space Monkey

Kaiju Big Battel - The 25th Silver Jubilee

Kaiju Grand Championship Fight-o - Erebus vs Powa Ranjuru

Southern Division Championship Fight-o - American Beetle vs Hell Monkey

Double Danger Tandem Tag Championship Fight-o - SWO vs Los Plantinos 

Burger Bear vs Tucor 


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It's going to be a mental week. I'll be subbing to IW-TV in order to catch the highlights from the likes of ISW, IWS and Orange Cassidy's show. I'm all ready subbed to NJ World so I'll have access to New Japan at MSG, so my biggest purchases are going to be the Spring Break shows.

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Brutal looking schedule, but also where I'm going to try and jump headfirst back into wrestling. I've not really watched much in a good while, so this seems like as good a place of ever to try and pique my interest with the amount of variety going on. It'll be a ballache, trying to fit everything around my uni schedule, but I'll give it a bash.

Think my schedule is going to be:

Wednesday - Wrestlepro Comedy Show (Santino and Cabana, Kikutaro and Swoggle)

Thursday - EVOLVE 125 (Theory/O'Reilly, Allin/Henry, Kingston and Gacy vs Takeshita and MAO) at 5pm, Bloodsport (Suzuki/Barnett, Mir/Severn, Takeda/Gresham) at 9pm, with probably a bit of sniffing around the wXw show for Lucky Kid vs Starr and the FCP/DEFY show for CCK vs Red/Eagles/Puma during the fights that don't look too great. Then it'll be WrestleCon at 12pm (Ospreay/Bandido, ZSJ/Strickland, Liger and Lucha Bros) before trying to see if I can stay awake for iMPACT at 3am (only really interested in Swann/Flamita and RVD/Sabu vs Lucha Bros).

Friday - WrestleCon at 4pm (wouldn't usually bother, but I finish early and have no other plans), RevPro at 8pm (Tana/Ospreay vs ZSJ/Suzuki, Ishii/Starr, 3K/Aussie Open), and then rounding off with Night One of Janela's Spring Break (Onita, Janela, Otani/Gage and TAKA/Orange Cassidy) mixed in with some of the matches from MLW Battle Riot (Swann vs Pillman Jr, Havoc vs LA Park, Daga vs Low-Ki)

Saturday - I'll catch up with TakeOver: New York on the Network in the morning, before settling down for GCW's Orange Cassidy show, which will hopefully be a light-hearted affair. Then I'll probably sleep until it's time for NJPW/ROH at MSG.

Sunday - AJPW Champions Carnival if I'm awake (unlikely), Wrestlemania. 

Monday - Sleep for 78 hours.

Thank fuck I've got 3 weeks off for Easter to catch up on all the sleep. I'm never going to want to watch wrestling again.


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I'd skip the EVOLVE shows if I were you. The crowds are always shockingly quiet and subdued, and their production values tend to be bollocks (and not in a charming indy way). They're defiantly not the first impression you need of wrestling after a break away. Starting with Bloodsport is the way to go.

Also, don't forget about Spring Break Part 2 (happening right after the New Japan show so it'll make for excellent Sunday morning/afternoon entertainment).

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4 hours ago, Accident Prone said:

I'd skip the EVOLVE shows if I were you. The crowds are always shockingly quiet and subdued, and their production values tend to be bollocks (and not in a charming indy way). They're defiantly not the first impression you need of wrestling after a break away. Starting with Bloodsport is the way to go.

Also, don't forget about Spring Break Part 2 (happening right after the New Japan show so it'll make for excellent Sunday morning/afternoon entertainment).

Oh I’ve heard about the EVOLV shows, I’ve been keeping up with results and the wrestlers and that, just feels like it’s been an age since I’ve sat down to watch a full show of pretty much anything. I was actually surprisingly close to skipping Bloodsport. I watched it last year, and found myself enjoying the concept, just the execution wasn’t great. It felt on the most part really contrivied and “pro wrestler playing MMA” - but the lineup this year has done enough to draw me back in. I’ll be swapping between that and the wXw show running alongside.

Completely forgot about Janela’s show being in 2 parts. That’ll make for nice Sunday afternoon viewing instead of the Wrestlemania pre-show, presuming I haven’t been induced into a coma by that point.

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The sleeper hit of this weekend has to be BlackCraft's No Apologies.  The card is absolutely stacked.  Also MLW's Battle Riot II (their annual 40 man rumble) should be tons of fun, it's live on Bein Friday night so should be up on their YouTube channel on Sunday.

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Had to make an edit to the Impact line up as LU champion Marty The Moth has replaced King Cuerno in the 8 man tag and ZSJ's opponent for the Supershow has been named as Shane Strickland

Friday 5th April

Wrestlecon - US vs The World

Brian Cage vs Masato Tanaka

MJF vs Ethan Page

The Rascalz vs Australian Suicide, Adam Brooks and Robbie Eagles

Rich Swann vs Jiro Kuroshio

LAX vs Hart Foundation


Heart of SHIMMER Championship - Dust vs Samantha Heights

SHIMMER Championship - Nicole Savoy vs Hiroyo Matsumoto

Britt Baker vs Tessa Blanchard

Shazza McKenzie vs Su Yung

CHIKARA - Once Upon A Beginning

CHIKARA Grand Championship - Ladder Match - Mr Touchdown vs Dasher Hatfield

CCK vs Crummels and DeFarge

The Colony vs F.I.S.T


No Rules Bar Room Brawl - James Storm vs Jimmy Havoc

Kip Sabian vs Vaughn Vertigo

IPW:UK Women's Championship and HOG Women's Championship - Bobbi Tyler vs Sonya Strong

WWN Supershow - Mercury Rising

WWN Championship Match - JD Drake vs Kazusada Higuchi

FiP Championship Match - Anthony Henry vs Absolute Andy

SHINE Championship Match - Allysin Kay vs Miyu Yamashita

RevPro UK - Live In NYC

Hiroshi Tanahashi and Will Ospreay vs Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr

Roppongi 3K vs Aussie Open

CCK vs Alex Coughlin and Karl Fredericks - Katsuyori Shibata as Special Ref

David Starr vs Tomohiro Ishii

Black Label Pro - Adventures in Wrestling

BLP Championship - Street Fight - Ethan Page vs Kobe Durst

Nick Gage vs Swoggle

Brian Zane's Million Dollar Battle Royal

Independent Wrestling Championship - Orange Cassidy vs Bryan Alvarez

STARDOM - American Dream 2019

High Speed Championship - Hazuki vs Dust

MLW Battle Riot II

Battle Riot II - featuring Davey Boy Smith Jr, Minoru Tanaka, Pentagon Jr, MJF, Rich Swann and many more

MLW Middleweight Championship - Teddy Hart vs Ace Austin

LA Park vs Jimmy Havoc

Rich Swann vs Brian Pillman Jr

GCW Presents Joey Janela's Spring Break III Part 1

Death Match - Masashi Takeda vs Jimmy Lloyd

Shinjiro Otani vs Nick Gage

TAKA Michinoku vs Orange Cassidy

FTW Sacred Heart Slam Forever

No matches confirmed

WrestleCon - Joey Ryan's Penis Party

Taya and John Morrison vs Lucha Bros

David Arquette vs Timothy Thatcher

Matt Striker, Chuckie T and Trent Baretta vs Mike Babchik, Tommy Dreamer and Colt Cabana

Demon Bunny vs Holidead and Thunder Rosa

Joey Ryan, Val Venis and Sexxxy Eddy vs Priscilla Kelly, Session Moth Martina and Scarlett Bordeaux

Blackcraft Wrestling - No Apologies

Blackcraft Heavyweight Championship - Johnny Blackcraft vs David Starr

Devil's Den Match - Jimmy Havoc vs G-Raver

Masato Tanaka vs Chris Dickinson

Pentagon Jr vs Simon Grimm

Gangrel vs Matthew Justice

Blackcraft Women's Championship - Saraya Knight vs Maria Manic

Saturday 6th April

Wrestling Revolver - Pancakes and Piledrivers III

Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Championship - Gauntlet Match - The Rascalz vs Lucha Bros vs Aussie Open vs LAX vs Besties in the World vs Team Tremendous

oVe vs The Unwanted

Ricky Shane Page vs Tessa Blanchard

Moose vs Brian Cage vs David Starr

GCW Presents Orange Cassidy is doing something or whatever

5 O'Clock Somewhere Last Person Standing Match - Session Moth Martina vs Nate Webb

1 Minute Time Limit - Chuckie T vs Trent?

Lumberjack Swamp Monster Match - Saraya Knight vs Allie Kat vs Shotzi Blackheart vs Kris Statlander

7 out of 13 Falls Match - Logan Easton Laroux vs Chris Brookes

WWN Live Experience Wrap Up

Kaiju Big Battel vs DDT

House of Glory - Culture Clash

HOG Crown Jewel Championship Match - Mantequilla vs Kikutaro

Low-Ki and LAX vs Great Muta, Pentagon Jr and Tajiri

Fenix vs Amazing Red

Chaotic Wrestling - Chaos For A Cause

Heavyweight Championship - Christian Cassanova vs JT Dunn

Women's Championship - Tasha Steelz vs Alisha Edwards

Tag Team Championship - The Bears vs Sent To Slaughter

Anthony Greene vs Tommy Dreamer

IWS Wrestling - Unstoppable

Alcobrawl Match - Sexxxy Eddy vs Arik Cannon

IWS Hardcore Women's Championship Match - Addy Starr vs Veda Scott vs Solo Darling

Uncanny Attraction - Drags and Dropkicks

Casanova Valentine vs MV Young

Lee Moriarty vs Pinkie Sanchez

Effy Open Challenge

ROH/NJPW G1 Supercard

IWGP Heavyweight Championship Match - Jay White vs Kazuchika Okada

ROH World Championship - Ladder Match - Jay Lethal vs Marty Scurll vs Matt Taven

IWGP Intercontinental Championship Match - Tetsuya Naito vs Kota Ibushi

RevPro British Heavyweight Championship Match - Zack Sabre Jr vs Hiroshi Tanahashi

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship and ROH World Tag Team Championship Match (Winner Takes All) - Guerrillas of Destiny vs Villain Enterprises vs The Briscoes vs SANADA and EVIL

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship Match - Taiji Ishimori vs Bandido vs Dragon Lee

Women of Honor Championship Match - Mayu Iwatani vs Kelly Klein

NEVER Openweight Championship and ROH Television Championship Match (Winner Takes All) - Jeff Cobb vs Will Ospreay

Honor Rumble - featuring Jushin Liger, Kenny King, PJ Black, Cheeseburger and more)

Bully Ray vs Juice Robinson

Dalton Castle vs Rush

Alfredo Palenque's Lucha Libre en el Bronx

Talent appearing includes Blue Demon Jr, Ortiz, Super Comando and more

CZW vs WrestlePro

CZW World Championship Match - Dan Maff vs Mance Warner

WSU Spirit Championship Match - Kris Statlander vs Leyla Hirsch

GCW Presents Joey Janela's Spring Break III Part 2 - The Greatest Clusterfuck

LA Park vs Masato Tanaka 

Rock and Roll Express vs LAX

The Greatest Clusterfuck - featuring Essa Rios, Crowbar, Nate Webb, Arik Cannon, Parrow and Brendan from Wheatus

Sunday 7th April

Capitol Wrestling - Ready or Not

Capitol Wrestling Championship Match - Matt Macintosh vs Eddie Kingston vs Sonny Kiss

Capitol Deathmatch - Jeff Cannoball vs Zac Amico

Best of 5 Series - Match 4 - Anthony Bowens vs Darius Carter

Squared Circle Project

Kobe Durst vs Ari Azteca

Myron Reed vs Tyler Matrix

Shane Sabre vs Jake Lander



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3 hours ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

Brendan from Wheatus?

Yep, as in the lead singer. Wheatus played 'Teenage Dirtbag' live for Nate Webb's entrance at a GCW show last year, and Brendan got involved in the match to help Nate defeat MJF. This year marks 20 years of wrestling for Nate (and presumably 20 years of coming down the entrance way to 'Teenage Dirtbag'), hence Brendan partnering with Nate for the Clusterfuck.

Also, for those of you still struggling to piece all the shows together, take a look at this fantastic document put together by Benno;


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For another FiteTV referral code to get some credit off shows this weekend (as well as giving me some extra credit in the process) try this one out - wwy17em

If the code doesn't work for whatever reason, apologies in advance. I'm still new to figuring out how FiteTV works myself.

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Anyone still after Fite referral codes can also use mine - nd94g2j - for some free credit.



Saying that, I don't know if I'll be able to take advantage of it, as the app consistently freezes on "loading payment info". I think it may be because you can't mix credit and other payment methods?


Josh Barnett's Bloodsport was the show I was most looking forward to this weekend, and it delivered. Patchy in places, but when it was good it was great. Josh Barnett vs. Minoru Suzuki is easily my Match of the Year so far, and by a wide margin Barnett's best ever match. 

Bonus points for Andy from Every Time I Die looking like a beefy Dick Strawbridge.

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I saw that Bloodsport thing all over Twitter last night. How does it work? Seemed to be a ring with no ropes. Saw footage of Mir and Severn in what looked like shoot wrestling but other stuff that looked like bad worked MMA.

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17 minutes ago, tiger_rick said:

I saw that Bloodsport thing all over Twitter last night. How does it work? Seemed to be a ring with no ropes. Saw footage of Mir and Severn in what looked like shoot wrestling but other stuff that looked like bad worked MMA.

My understanding is it's all shoot style wrestling. UWFI style. I may not get round to it until way after mania but it's intriguing.

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