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Big Brother is ending. Favourite moments?

Astro Hollywood

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1 minute ago, Lorne Malvo said:

I reckon this was the last great series, when models and minor celebs were the exception rather than the norm. 

IIRC, Halfwit was a bit of a tedious dickhead for the first few weeks and then overnight he turned face and cut a massively over-dramatic promo on the shit-stirrers. 

It had two of the all-time great villains in Bea and Lisa. And it also had the most uncool 'definitely used to post on the UKFF' contestant ever in Marcus. 

Brilliant series. 

Spot on, and ultimately what killed it. Which is funny, because almost as soon as the show gained traction, it's what it became known for in the press, yet looking back at it now it's clear as day that throughout the Channel 4 years it really was just a live action Skins. A bunch of complete idiots getting away with being complete idiots during the only time they could. That video I posted has about a half dozen touchpoints which would rip a band aid on some sort of outrage nowadays - rightly so - but other than the obvious examples (and there's a few) so much of it is forgivable because you can clearly tell it's mostly just a bunch of students and ne'er do wells thrust into a high pressure media vacuum during an age where people thought being on the cast of Jackass was somehow, someway still something that could be your job. 

One can only hope @Astro Hollywood becomes the YouTube biographer it's never had, in time. 

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There's no reason why Big Brother couldn't be good again, if they went back to what it was in its earlier days rather than just a selection of cunts off Instagram.

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Bit like most new reality ideas - have 'normal' people on it rather than box ticking or ZZZZZZZZ-list 'influencers' appearing.


For me nothing beats the first couple of series of The Apprentice when you had business people with a brain and common sense going for a lucrative job, as opposed to now being a kind of 'Britain's Got Talent in the Board Room'. I wish TV companies would just leave well alone...

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3 minutes ago, Vamp said:

I don't think you can put that genie back in its bottle. Everybody who would want to go in is aware of what it is now and how to play it. And the audience now expects something entirely different. 

Pretty much why The Traitors was so successful recently. No expectations from those taking part OR the audience.

They might slightly be there for fame but at the same time they have no real idea if it's going to be big or not so it ends up feeling a bit more genuine simply due to the naivety of the whole thing.

It's incredibly difficult to replicate that once it's all gone out there unless they tweak the format slightly and that comes with its own challenges.

But the main thing with ALL of these shows has to be the people you're putting on there. Apprentice, I'm A Celebrity, Love Island.. you can manipulate and script things all you want but if it's a shit cast then it's a shit cast.

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On 9/14/2018 at 3:15 PM, Devon Malcolm said:

I always forget about how good this series was but it really was and I remember talking with you on here about what a cunt Marcus was too. I think it was probably the most under-appreciated of all of them, mainly because of the fact that it worked on lots of small moments rather than loads of big fights and stuff like that.

I'd forgot about Halfwit going all theatrical during one of his moaning sessions, this was great:-


Reading through the thread again and forgot what a good promo he was.

"And I have NO reason to doubt Siavash" 

Forget Sami, theres your white meat baby face.

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