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Think the Randy fight was on the cards around the time Bas was UFC champion actually. Seem to remember Bas doing an interview on an early Pride show saying something like he was going to fight Randy then he was hoping to come to Pride to face Rickson. 

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I wasn't sure where to put this but I know some have asked questions about it before but the Chuck & Tito 30 for 30 show is being shown this Friday evening at 22:00 on BT Sport 1.

Once things get back to normal you have to think there's some decent paydays for the 'Reem to appear in Japan once or twice a year.

Yeah that picture is like the Neapolitan ice cream of cunts right there. Which reminds me...

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I've been reading some old Observers from 1996 and have just found out that Igor Vovchanchyn was scheduled for UFC XI but they couldn't get him into the country over a Visa issue.  Him, potentially, versus a primitive Mark Coleman, four years before the Pride 2000 Grand Prix Finals, would've been an interesting fight at the time.

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