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"But they're alright on Twitter!"

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People you never thought would be good in social media, or are just a lot better or funnier or more interesting or weirder than you thought they would be before you followed them on Facebook or whatever.


For me, it has to be James Blunt on Twitter. He's absolutely hilarious. This is great:-



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Yeah James Blunt is who comes to mind straight away. I like his naff music too though.


The GNev and Carra bants is really beginning to grate though. It's probably because a single Carra tweet demands an entire article on The Echo website usually titled something like "Carra shows up Neville again with this hilarious tweet!" Followed by a long article that finally ends with a shit tweet about Neville being a failed centre back or something.

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A girl I knows best mate was chatting to one of them A1 lads on tinder but was playing it incognito and wouldn't acknowledge that she knew him from somewhere even though she was into them when she was a teen. He never brought it up either, fair play I'd dine out on it for life.

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