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The UKFF Celebrity Twatlist V


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Gary Lineker (and family)

Louise Redknapp

Joel Dommett

Emma Watson

Arlene Foster

Nick Grimshaw

Joe Wicks

Paloma Faith

Andre Rieu

Jared Leto

Jack Whitehall

Chris O'Dowd

Russell Howard

Peter Kay

Katie Price

Russell Brand

Keith Lemon/Leigh Francis

Milo Yiannopoulos

Chris Martin


David Cameron

The Grim Reaper

7. Piers Morgan

6. James Corden

5. Kanye West

4. Katie Hopkins

3. Michael Gove

2. Donald Trump

1. Nigel Farage

Jamie Oliver (Honorary Winner)





Absolutely not inspired by the new US President. Not at all. Let's make UKFF great again.



If you don't remember or don't know what the Celebrity Twatlist was, it was a top 30 countdown (a list, if you like) of famous people (celebrities) that people on here think are twats (twats).


The first three can be found in Gold, the fourth (which admittedly went up its own arse a bit) is lingering somewhere in the depths of Off Topic, if you want to read them. Previous winners include Katie Price, James Corden, John Terry and David Cameron.


Why bring it back? The last list was made in spring 2014. It's been two and a half years. The world has changed.



How does it work?


 - You send me a list of your Top 10 Twats, and reasons why, either by PM on here, or by email to jimbobfredericksson@hotmail.com.

 - Your number 1 Twat receives 10 points, number 2 gets 9, and so on.

 - I keep the scores and post the countdown, which will consist of the reveal of each celebrity and a write up based on your reasons for voting for them. (Keeping it simple this time round.)

 - Please include your UKFF username along with your list so I know who you are!

 - Most importantly, please include reasons for each person being on your list! This can be anything you like. It can be a couple of words or it can be pages long, but be as creative, as sweary, as colourful, as sincere or as ridiculous as you like. The bigger and more hilarious your reasons, the more fun the list will be in its final form.

 - You can vote for any public figure you like, world-famous or barely-famous, male or female, past or present. You can have Nigel Farage because he's a bigoted twat, and Binky off Made In Chelsea because you don't like her eyebrows. Or his eyebrows. I don't know which one Binky is.

 - The only exceptions are Yewtree celebrities. Don't vote for them, they won't count. We know they're twats and I'm not skilled enough to make writing about nonces entertaining.

 - Please don't post or include anecdotes or stories you've heard about celebrities. "My sister once saw ______ doing ______" or "I heard down the pub that ______ once ______ with a raccoon". We don't want any trouble!



If you can send me your lists and reasons by Thursday November 24th (two weeks from today!), the list will start, with a twat a day, and end with the winner on Christmas Eve. Call it a Twatvent Calendar.



So, get thinking, get sending, and feel free to canvas for your top picks in this thread. In the meantime… Michael Gove, what a bastard, eh? And that Jared Leto's a pain in the arse, isn't he?

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You know what, as much as I hate Donald Trump and everything he stands for, if I had one bullet and knew I was going to get away with the crime, I'd probably still put it through Keith Lemon's forehead before Trump.

If you somehow miss Ian, I've got your back.

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I hope YouTube celebrities count. Because I know one twat that deserves to be riiiiiighhht on the liiiiiist



Who be this bollock then?

This is Keemstar, a shit stirrer who has a YouTube show called Drama Alert, dedicated to gossip about other YouTubers, and accusing people of being nonces. He once set a group of his fans on an elderly streamer who he wrongly accussed of being a paedophile and made him openly weep while he was streaming.


(featured on this video. A horrible watch)


He's also a massive racist.

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