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Conversation going on in the Minor Items Thread when it's fair to say it's anything but minor. So I'll break the ice on a Thread


Confirmed so far: Please fill me in with who I've left out and will update accordingly.

- Sam Bailey

- CJ Banks

- El Ligero

- Zack Gibson

- Grado

- Danny Hope

- Dave Mastiff

- Johnny Moss

- Alexis Rose

- Sha Samuels

- Ashton Smith

- Viper

- Kenny Williams


Steve Lynskey - Referee

Chris Roberts - Referee

Jim Ross - Commentary


Press release mentions something about a WOS Wrestling Title. So I'm guessing it'll be some qualifiers involved as part of the special.

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That's the reason I didn't make a thread when I posted the press release - a topic in the proper forum is a dangerous precident. Everyone from Ricky Knight to the people who pretend ICW is any good are going to want a thread now.


(This is a bit different though, actual ITV are promoting it on their website. Not to be confused with the definitely not promoting it ITVWrestling.com)

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