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  1. Yeah not too sure on that pricing. You'll get the most out of the people who attend sure, but you're not going to fill the place. I suppose that's the problem of not having the upper decks on sale yet - when they do open those decks you'd imagine the seats will inevitably be cheaper.
  2. NXT did 10,079 at the SSE. With Progress ceiling so far being about 2000, they'd do well to get half way there. Anything near 5000 is a big win. The obsessive fan culture they have, will only get them so far, and as much as I'm not a fan of their best mates relationship with WWE, I'd think the only way they get near at this point is with that heavy hand of WWE help. I'm just not sure what they can do past them using allum like Jack Gallagher or I suppose a Finn Balor. Progress haven't been very good at building their own stuff in recent history so I can't imagine a home grown big match doing it either. If they get on the Network as long rumoured though, that'll be a big factor.
  3. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    This is hilarious. How do 5 Star keep conning people. They've even made Fludder into a babyface. This is the FreeSports statement: Somebody should probably check on Classics Guy.
  4. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Yep. https://twitter.com/PCW_UK/status/905022274054615041
  5. I don't think the contracts have expired but essentially it seems anyone who asks out, gets out as they have no legal leg to stand on. WWE UK is still a big question mark too, Meltzer still reporting it starts before the end of the year but even he isn't convinced. We had a massive TV boom period promised and we've wound up with PCW on the telly.
  6. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I'm expecting WCPW for this, if it truly is a live show, they set up all the infrastructure to go live weekly on YouTube until that whole thing with YouTube reducing the ad revenue for Wrestling. They're about the most TV ready from a production point of view also - the matches from their last World Cup Tapings all look superb. If it's not live, I suppose WAW or even a Fight Nation or even a company like PCW are possibilities.