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  1. That sounds inflated but I don't think it's inflated by that much. Just through virtue of being on the LAWs' network, we do numbers on British Audio Wrestling that I'd never have expected for a show about BritWres, so wouldn't surprise me if Cornette is doing numbers in the hundreds of thousands on MLW. I do wonder how any of these advertisers make money at the end of it though. Podcast advertising feels like the next bubble to burst now YouTube revenue tumbled. Expect to see all your favourite personalities on Patreon soon.
  2. I've said it before but when I was training to wrestle, it felt like everybody in BritWres at least lurked here, although I don't think that's the case anymore with all the other avenues like Twitter. UKFFer was basically an insult and still is in some circles - which is a shame as the board is probably the sanest place to discuss wrestling on the Internet, despite it's bad rep. I think people still think of it as the place Alex Shane ran angles, full of Dem Wanz posters, when it's very much the opposite now.
  3. I’ve wondered that about Sky and ITV myself, but I’m not sure it works – ITV are only after 10 weeks of programming and you’d think WWE would want more than that to get a proper territory going – maybe they don’t see it as worth upsetting their relationship with Sky. I do think they should get this on TV, on the it’s “cheap content for the Network” front, they’re constantly asked on Investor calls about their Network spending and how it effects those profits – granted it was live, but they’ve said the UK tourney (and running an extra PPV) was a big part of why their Network expenses were so high in the first quarter of this year, so it’s not a given this type of thing is financially the obvious thing to do.
  4. Listened to Russo's "Fantasy Roster Draft" podcast today. He did have Nikki Bella on his 30 man roster twice, and goes on for quite a bit about how much he likes "Bray Strawman" but it actually isn't half bad and he makes some reasonable choices Fucking hell though, it isn't half clear where Scotswizard gets his opinions from. Just one episode of a Russo pod has everything from bemoaning the falling ratings and catering to wrestling fans, to monologues about wanting to see "hot women bro" - to going on about Owens, Zayn and Balor not looking like men, real men. I'm starting to wonder if they're the same person.
  5. The original WOS lot were on one year deals so they're stuck for now, although there were some ITV weren't planning on using again in May. CJ Banks particularly was at the recent WWE tryout. I think us all getting refunds right away was a red flag, definitely getting the feeling this isn't happening now, or if it does it'll be another studio special at best.
  6. JR has announced he's going to be doing commentary for WWE UK with Nigel McGuinness. This on a day where Stephanie appeared on ITV's This Morning. Expecting Mr Beesley to make the jump next.
  7. I'm seeing these green and red arrows to click on mobile. They disappear once you click one.
  8. We can favourite posts now it seems. Big fan of that.
  9. Yeah there will have been worse bumps in that match. Really unfortunate though, he's a lovely bloke. I travelled to Chicago about a decade a go for an ROH show and after the meet and greet I was wandering the streets trying to find my way to the venue (it was an hour away). He saw me looking lost and gave me his spot in his car and said he'd find his own way there. I reminded him of this when I saw him at Fight Club Pro the other week and of course he didn't remember but I wanted to thank him anyway. Top man. Hope he's OK.
  10. They really are using garden furniture here. Ricky done a runner with all the proper chairs or something?
  11. I think Sebastian is a good example of what you're talking about, there were definitely people claiming it wasn't working but he was a great personality and got big heat in his important segments. I was a big fan personally - it felt like he was getting real visceral heat, rather than people just playing along or "going to the bar". I'm not convinced Drake is the same thing though. I wouldn't say he's getting much heat at all from the shows I've seen, he's just really really boring and dead behind the eyes to boot. Maybe his anti-internet gimmick will work and he'll get a massive response in Manchester next week, but I don't think there's anything wrong with people saying they don't like him in Progress. I'd liken him to Randy Orton in that he's obviously technically proficient and the type of wrestler others admire and want to work with, but that doesn't mean I want to watch him.
  12. Edit - Beaten to it. I'd heard some wrestlers were trying to back out of their WOS contracts (i.e the ones WWE would be interested in) but it does look like the "contractual issues" here are between "Impact Sport" and ITV, rather than anything directly with the wrestlers. Got a bad feeling on all this. As others have said - you'd think they'd announce new dates rather than outright giving everyone their money back.
  13. It’s fair to say there’s a tipping point in this with American talent when you’re billing it hard, as ITV have, as the “return of British Wrestling to the telly”. I don’t think that tipping point has been reached here though, as one or two like Lashley are perfectly fine additions to the roster. I quite like Kongo Kong, but it’s silly to dismiss complaints about him being a problematic character as some kind of smarky moan – If they lean into the stereotype too much, I could easily see members of the wider public complaining about it – Channel 4 had people complaining about all kinds when they aired WWF in 2000. I had tickets to this so I'm disappointed it's off. Hope the people promoting make an announcement soon for those who have booked hotels and trains etc, as that part is a bit shit, especially if you can still buy tickets now. Hopefully the delay really is from Anthem's side, because while I'm sure it happens all the time, it could prove concerning if it's from ITV's end and they've decided they have something better for this timeslot.
  14. Good to see The Lost Scot and his Dad make it to their destination on Arsenal Fan TV.