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Eric Cantona Referendum #Cantoyes #CantoNo


Eric Cantona - Manager  

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I don't think adding more foreigners to the game will help. Especially French foreigners with their uppity beards and 'lassie fayre' attitudes to personal hygiene.


It's this kind of thing that got us into this mess in the first place. When we were winning major tournaments in the 90's everything was as English as the Duke of Edinburgh. Now look:


Gareth Barry-Welsh

Roy Hodgson- Swedish

Wayne Rooney- Latvian

Raheem Sterling- Probably Spanish


We're not going to find the next Carlton Palmer or Kevin Davies down the back of the sofa with CUNTona in charge.


Sam Allardyce is the man with the majestic tasche, ready to take us back to the promised land.

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