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Moving to New York tomorrow, to focus pretty much exclusively on the MMA marketing for DAZN. Bricking it. But, too good of an opportunity to turn down I guess! If streaming of live sports is

Man, within a few days Bellator’s 205 division just got a lot more interesting. I love watching Nemkov but defences against the likes of Corey Anderson and Phil Davis weren’t getting my juices flowing

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Horiguchi claims he isn't going to fight on Rizin's March show at the Tokyo Dome. Instead, he wants to rest up for a while, and then attempt to reclaim the Bellator BW title.

Sweet, I would be well up for Horiguchi vs Archuleta or Horiguchi vs Pettis. 

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Someone on Sherdog kindly translated a recent interview with Fedor's striking coach.

Some very interesting information:


This dude has been with Fedor nearly since the beginning alongside Voronov

The most useful bits that I found, while listening to this interview, is his explanation for Fedor's lack of ground game in the latter fights of his career. Basically, he says it's due to his numerous injuries (his back being a big one). He'd often skip certain ground game training sessions because of his injuries and focus on his stand-up instead.

Another interesting thing is how .... unwilling Fedor is to ever discuss/disclose his injuries even with his coaches. While in beginning it was easy enough to figure out when Fedor was injured... later, Mitchkov figured things out not because Fedor would say he had pain in this or that part of his body, but rather by noticing that when his coaches would offer him a bunch of training sessions, he'd simply say that can't do this or that without any further explanation. It's pretty surreal that he wouldn't talk to his coaches, so that they could try to work around his injuries, but there it is. It also puts Fedor's responses during interviews in a very different light - he ain't gonna share any details, no matter how hard you drill him.

Anyways, this helps to explain how Fedor devolved from the best all around fighter into a one dimensional one.

Since some people mentioned the Bader fight - Mitchkov says Fedor was really sick for about a week just prior to the Bader fight. People tried to talk him into dropping out of the fight, but he insisted on fighting. Mitchkov says that most of the things he's picked up in the training camp just prior to the fight were all gone due to the illness.

A few other bits - Fedor never watched his opponent's fights prior, during, or after his training - he expected his coaches to do it for him. Mitchkov has never seen any other fighter who would opt out of watching the opponent fights. He's also never seen any fighter as calm as Fedor prior to his fights. The one fight Fedor was visibly excited about, when it was booked, was the Crocop fight (after Crocop KO'd his brother).

Another thing i wanted to mention - watching russian mma youtube interviews is a wonderful experience - they timestamp every question so that viewers wouldn't be wasting their time. Western counterparts with their clickbait titles could learn a LOT from these journalists. Greed and lack of respect for viewers is a vile thing.

Source - https://forums.sherdog.com/threads/an-interview-with-fedors-striking-coach.4156012/

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