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Triple X Wrestling: 10th Anniversary Return Show - YESTERDAY!


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Triple X for me has always been a very UKFF centric promotion, inside jokes, funny characters, the Ne-XXX-us, Fans Bring The Weapons with Krae vs Stryfe being total carnage and involving using toy guns, vinyl discs, poison thumb tacks.



Its the type of place the whole Pie Gimmick will probably be used to full effect, and absolute carnage with a lot of the members of the forum who probably met at these events more than anywhere over the year.


I'll be walking to this if I have too.

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It's been a while...

So, since the announcement last month that your favourite purveyors of blood, guts and banter are returning we've been inundated with people asking where the show's gonna be.
Well as you know we were in need of a new home, and we searched far and wide to find a place that suits the kind of silly & violent shit we're best known for. It needed to be a place that had an atmosphere, a place that had a dark, gritty feel to it, and most importantly a place that served beer!
Well our search is over, and we're extremely proud to announce that the new home of Triple X Wrestling is none other than The Crew/Queens Hall in Nuneaton! We absolutely fell in love with the place, and we're certain you will as well. For those who don't know it's an awesome rock club just a few miles down the road from our previous homes, and it's played host to everyone from Fozzy, to Kunt & The Gang, to Skid Row. They even have one of Lemmy's guitars hanging up on the wall! It's a great venue and we're so excited to have the opportunity to smack the shit out of each other in there!
Tickets will be going on sale very soon, and we strongly encourage you to prebook as this is going to be quite a small, intimate show to relaunch the violence and celebrate 10 insane years of sublime chaos, so you really wont want to miss out when we sell out!

Love & Kisses,
Triple X Wrestling

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