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Triple X Wrestling: 10th Anniversary Return Show - YESTERDAY!


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Earlier this year several Triple X superstars were announced for WWE's Global Cruiserweight thingamijigy, but one that put the biggest smile on our faces was our old pal from Hong Kong, Ho Ho Lun!
Here's a FREE full match of him and fellow Zero-1: Hong Kong superstar Jason New taking on the dastardly Hunter Bros. from 2013.
We wish Ho Ho the absolute best of luck in the tournament this summer, but if he comes across our boy Zack Sabre Jr. we're afraid he's on his own!


And you can join us this summer for our triumphant return on August 6th at The Crew in Nuneaton!

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With just under month a month to go till Triple X returns we thought we'd better get stuck into to announcing the card. As usual we've got a cracking main event for you which promises to be 'entertaining as fuck'.

With Welsh pride flying high, Triple X Wrestling follows suit with an all Welsh affair for our first title match of 2016. 'The Pride of Wales' Eddie Dennis left the last Triple X Wrestling event with his championship and maybe thought he would go down in history as the last man to hold the title - Well we had a whole host of contenders in mind, but with many years and many miles under his belt, few can make a better claim than Mike Bird - Made In Newport. Founder of the prestigious Dragon Pro Wrestling, Bird has seen many of his students earn international praise. Could Bird be the one to dethrone Dennis?

Tickets are on sale now, but supplies are limited so head on over tohttp://www.triplexwrestling.bigcartel.com right now to guarantee your place at the show of the summer!

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It wouldn't be a Triple X show without your favourite purveyors of poundings The Henchmen stopping by for a beer and a brawl, so we've searched high and low for a tag team that's not adverse to a bit of violence. Well, we struggled. When you call up tag teams to tell them you want them to take on 700 lbs of punishment in a No DQ Street Fight it's amazing how many will say they're nursing injuries or already booked that day. So we got in touch with one of the nastiest, most violent teams we'd heard about and asked them how they'd feel about reforming. Triple X fans will already know Gideon as one of the most sadistic and psychotic competitors to ever forge a wrestling licence, well this time he's bringing his associate and Team H8 partner Jeckel! These two gentlemen might just be two of the meanest wrestlers to ever step foot in a Triple X ring, and we've worked with Jon Ryan! The Henchmen are going to have to bring their A game against these two, this one could get a little bloody.

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Who'd win in a fight, a Viking or a Pirate?
Well on August 6th you'll get to find out when Captain Dick Morgan sets sail for Nuneaton (We're not sure how he's gonna fit his ship down the canal, but that's his problem) where he's gonna take on the one man tribe, Aiden Wolfe!
Wolfie has been tearing through everyone we've put in front of him at our sister-promotion, AMP Wrestling, so we thought it only fair to give him a chance to compete in an environment with no restrictions. Dick was originally trained out of Dragon Pro Wrestling, and you'll be able to watch him very soon on the almost-ready-to-launch UK Wrestling On Demand where he wrestles in Pro Wrestling Chaos alongside Roger The Cabin Boy as The Wild Galleons.
Who will be victorious, and who will be raped and pillaged? (hopefully no one, we've tried to explain to them that pinfall or submission will suffice, but you know what Vikings and Pirates are like...), get your tickets now at http://www.triplexwrestling.bigcartel.com/ to find out!

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On August 6th the backbone of British wrestling,Damian Dunne returns to Triple X! Damian's been a mainstay of Triple X right from the beginning when he started off as a referee for us, and since then he's gone on to become one of the UK's premier performers.
His opponent at Triple X Wrestling 10th Anniversary Return Show! will be Nuneaton's own Chase Alexander! Chase was last seen stealing a huge win over 'The Unit' Jim Diehard, and with his hometown crowd behind him he's certainly going to be looking to impress. Since we last saw him Chase has been training all around Europe by some of the best around. This kid's definitely one to watch!


We're also very happy to let you know that the voice of Triple X, Omer Ibrahim will be returning on August 6th, and he's gonna have a mystery co-host in tow! Who's it gonna be? You've gotta buy a ticket for Triple X Wrestling 10th Anniversary Return Show! at https://triplexwrestling.bigcartel.com/ to find out!

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And our final match for August 6th involves a debut and a long awaited return!
We heard a rumour that Mr Legacy was apparently once a mainstay of World of Sport, until he was blackballed for undisclosed reasons, which is why he now works under a mask & pseudonym. Never being ones to adhere to the rules we're giving this grizzled veteran another chance to ply his craft, and on August 6th he'll be going to that mat with an old Triple X favourite...
That's right! It's CK Light! You may have thought you saw the last of him when his time-travelling father was hit in the nuts with a cricket bat and he was seemingly erased from existence mid-match (It's Triple X, just go with it...), but with the help of our old friend Professor Lex we broke down the walls of reality and traveled deep into the multiverse to find another! As far as we can tell this CK's nearly identical to the last one, we just hope no one tells him what happened to his father....

So head on down to The Crew on Saturday 6th August for the Triple X Wrestling 10th Anniversary Return Show! Tickets available fromhttp://www.triplexwrestling.bigcartel.com for only £12! When they're gone they're gone so make sure you secure your place today!

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Thanks Ben, we can't wait!

It also looks like I forgot to post a match on here, so here's one more!


After spending the past few months tearing through opponents as AMP Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Grimm's currently having what might be the best year of his career. The Icon of Dominance has always been a force to be reckoned with, but right now he's looking nigh on unbeatable, swatting away challengers with ease.
We've searched far and wide for an opponent who we think could stand a chance against this '18 stone of Violence', and we think we've found one in Danny Flynn! We've always been ones to try to give you a glimpse of the future, and this time we're putting our money on this guy. Fighting out of Robbie Brookside's School of Wrestling, Danny's exactly the sort of mat prodigy that we know you'll love, but will he have enough tools in his bag of tricks to defeat the undefeatable? Find out on August 6th at Triple X Wrestling 10th Anniversary Return Show! at The Crew in Nuneaton, tickets available from http://www.triplexwrestling.bigcartel.com/, so grab yours today!

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A couple of years back we asked one of our long time fans, Ben Corrigan AKA Big Benny HG AKA UK HatGuy, to write us an unbiased article on the history of Triple X for an ‘official magazine’ idea we were kicking around. Unfortunately, like 90% of our crazy ideas, it proved to be too cost-prohibitive and we had to shelve it. We tried to shop the article around to a few wrestling magazines, but I guess it was a bit too self-promotional for them considering we were too cheap to buy any actual ad space with them. Well with our impending return and 10th anniversary coming up on August 6th (Triple X Wrestling 10th Anniversary Return Show!, tickets on sale now at http://www.triplexwrestling.bigcartel.com/...) we though there was no better time to release this so older fans can reminisce and newer ones can get up to date on the decade of dicking around we’ve brought you so far!

It has to be said that supporters of British wrestling have things pretty good right now. Wherever you call home, it is more than likely that you have at least a couple of different groups regularly promoting shows within a reasonable distance of your front door. More impressively, whatever it is you look for in your grunt n’ groan action, there’s someone out there putting on a show to cater for your tastes. If you’re looking for a colourful family-friendly night out to entertain the kids, then All-Star Wrestling, LDN, Welsh Wrestling or PBW have it covered. Want more developing storylines and character arcs to get your teeth into? Then GPW, FutureShock or NGW have what you’re looking for. If you prefer a modern hard-hitting, high-flying style such as that seen on the American independents, then you can head along to PCW, Southside or Revolution Pro. If you’re a stickler for the traditional British style that led the industry to its peak in the 1960s and 70s, then organisations like WAW in east England or Premier Promotions on the south coast will be just the thing for you. If a more mature, grittier, almost rock-gig-like presentation sounds appealing, you can always try Insane Championship Wrestling or London’s PROGRESS. And that’s just scratching the surface.
Just where Triple-X Wrestling fits into all of this is quite the question. At the time of writing, it has now been presenting its own take on professional wrestling for over 8 years, operating out of the historic cathedral city of Coventry, Warwickshire. Initially starting up as a direct successor to the defunct Midlands Pro Wrestling, it didn’t take long for Triple-X to develop an identity and reputation all of its own, which now regularly attracts fans from all over the country. While it would be easy to categorise it as an ‘adult’ promotion (and it’s true to say that bad language, weapons-based brawling, blood and even adult entertainment stars have featured on occasion), the key to its appeal has always remained in its cast of strong, definable characters, often with madcap gimmicks. There is the hardcore brutality when the storyline deems it appropriate, but also a showcase of some of the finest in-ring athletic pro wrestling action going today courtesy of a young, hard-working crew. Holding all of this together is a bizarre and often perverse sense of humour, ranging from slapstick and visual gags through to cheeky spoofs and ‘out-there’ obscure references. What it all boils down to is an immense overriding sense of FUN, making Triple-X shows one of the most rewarding fan experiences out there.
Long-time followers of the outfit will know, however, that getting to this point has at times been far from smooth sailing. Never was this more apparent than the fact their planned debut show, originally supposed to take place in noted Cov music venue the Dog and Trumpet, was actually cancelled on two separate occasions with virtually no notice. Not the best of starts. The twice-rearranged inaugural event finally did go ahead on 9 April 2006, self-mockingly titled ‘Third Time’s The Charm’, in the intimate setting of former occasional MPW venue the Tam O’Shanter Burns Club. While TXW would have brief spells of running shows elsewhere, this building has survived buy-outs, rebrands and refurbishments to remain the promotion’s familiar home venue to this day.
Part of the attraction during the early days of TXW was that it presented such a varied and unique collection of talent. This was far from your typical regional wrestling group. There were the core of former MPW regulars, but thanks to them keeping up the working links with the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, NWA:UK Hammerlock in Kent and the north-east’s 3 Count Wrestling, the audience became familiar with a much wider band of names. Through repeat appearances, most of these performers became firm favourites with the loyal fanbase and it was this recognition, reaction and interaction with the regular characters that was central to brand’s appeal.
There was the Damned Nation, the demonic faction familiar to various wrestling organisations across the land. The Triple-X incarnation was comprised of MPW standout Majik and 3CW’s Dragon Aisu, led by the sinister Gabriel Grey. Standing in opposition to the Nation were silent masked monsters eXodus and JekkeL, going by the catchy-yet-not-especially-imaginative team name of ‘JeXodus’. eXodus and JekkeL also appeared on shows separately under their less-menacing alter-egos, BlokBusta (a colourful, daft, hapless wannabe) and Quentin Hyde-Styles (Jekyll and Hyde, see?). Though they were different characters completely, this is was no secret and it was even referenced in storyline on occasion.
Coming up from Kent were the hard-kicking, head-smashing, suplex-throwing Devilman, the super-intense ‘Bad Boy of British Wrestling’ Jon Ryan, supposed Turkish-Cypriot Omer Ibrahim and the fresh-faced young duo of Jimmy Havoc and Zack Sabre Jr. Omer would keep audience’s entertained with his constant pleas that just because he followed Islam he was not, in fact, a terrorist (“Don’t panic: I’m Islamic!”), while Jimmy endeared himself to the fans with his reckless style, ability to take severe punishment and willingness to let things get extreme. Zack is recognised today as a highly-regarded international flag-bearer for British grappling, but back then he was a relative unknown just starting to make his mark. There is certainly an argument to say that other promoters initially starting looking at Zack was in part due to vocal TXW fans touting him as something special, thus expediting his ascendency.The Scottish were represented by the patriotic and adversarial Tartan Mafia. This was mainly the brutish Adam Shame and the masked Falcon, but also featured guest appearances from Chris Renfrew and Johnny Milla. Another Scot, the supernatural big man Conscience, did not associate himself with the Mafia and was one of the most popular wrestlers in all of TXW. With his haunting entrance theme and spooky ring gear, he was one of the organisation’s signature stars.
Others included juggalo-like heavyweight Edgar Stryfe, known for such signature moves as the E-Train and E-Plane, who was often teamed with ‘Fanboy’ Andy Krae. The idea was that Fanboy was just your regular guy living his wrestling dream, and his signature entrance would see him mimic Sandman’s beer-swilling Metallica-blearing walk-in through the crowd, except with cheap-brand energy drinks replacing the booze. Of course, this would normally end with Fanboy, the floor, the tables and enthusiastic audience members (i.e. those who didn’t run and hide for the duration of his entrance) turned into a sickly-sweet sticky mess for the rest of the night. Such was the eagerness to join in with Fanboy’s entrance that several fans started bringing a change of clothes with them to shows!
There was Ashton Smith, the promising rookie who always put up a brave and impressive fight but always came up short, Stiro, the angry young wrestling prodigy mocked by fans for his red face, and The Chavs, a stable of super-aggressive young trouble-makers Peter Jay, Danny Williams and Chris Stone. Associated with the Chavs in those early days was Jetta, the Midlands’ premier female wrestler. She would outlive the group and stand out as a performer in her own right in TXW for years to come, including forming the ‘Legion of Womb’ with Skye to battle the Classy Ladies In Tights (… get it?).
An act which summed up Triple-X Wrestling’s approach to character and humour was the tag team of Andy Shoes and CK Light. You see, Shoes was supposed to be a time traveller who would come forward from the 1970s to team with Light, his own son who was then at the same age. This gave them so much material to work with, such as Light being temporarily deleted from history (think ‘Back to the Future’) when Shoes was kicked in the groin during a match, then later Light taking on vastly different appearances each show (to the point you could might believe it was a different person…) as a result of Shoes’ constant alterations of the time-line.
Much of the action on the early events centred round battles for TXW’s 3 separate championships, all of which had specific stipulations attached to them. Bouts for the ‘Smash’ title would be fought under submission-only rules and acted as the backdrop for perennial champ Majik’s headline battles with Devilman, Conscience and Jimmy Havoc. The ‘Ax’ title was to be defended any time, any place, 24 hours a day, leading to much daftness and hilarity as it brought out the opportunistic side of, well, virtually everyone and many quick-fire title changes. The ‘Crush’ championship was contested under hardcore rules, with only a TXW debutant eligible to challenge. It was these rules that saw UK regulars El Ligero and Doug Williams make surprise debuts in the promotion; both taking the title in their first bouts here.
Yes, by the way, you did read that right: the 3 titles were indeed named after the members of legendary WWF tag team Demolition. In addition, instead of the title being represented by a traditional championship belt, the title-holder would be awarded the appropriate old Hasbro action figure. The idea was that the 3 championships would at some point be unified into the eventual Triple-X Wrestling Championship but, you know... ‘wrestling’...
After 8 well-received shows, the impending closure of the Tam O’Shanter Burns Club in the summer of 2007 triggered a move across the road to the SkyDome complex, where Jumpin’ Jaks nightclub was to become the new home of Triple-X. The problem, though, was just that: it wasn’t ‘home’, and it wasn’t the same. After just 2 shows, both Triple-X and Jumpin’ Jaks soured on the relationship, and that December the wrestling returned to the former Tam O’Shanter, now reopened under new ownership as the ‘Jolly Beggar’.
Those Jumpin’ Jaks shows did feature some notable memories, though, such as Edgar Stryfe turning on Fanboy, Jimmy Havoc being power-bombed through an ironing board by Jon Ryan and El Ligero starting spoofing various WWE main eventers. There were also the TXW debuts of Martin Kirby and Spud, the latter of whom was utilising the obnoxious ‘Rockstar’ gimmick for the first time outside of the small Birmingham AWW group. While this persona would be the one under which he would achieve his greatest fame in years to come, at the time he was mostly known as a talented high-flying underdog good-guy and so this new character, performed so well, came as a huge revelation.
The return to the original venue was marked with memorable show wonderfully titled ‘Jak-Off: The Night The Road Was Crossed’. This was a chaotic event that saw the 24/7 Ax title change hands something like 10 times across the course of the night, El Ligero perform as ‘ArriBatista’, Kirby and Cameron Kraze hilariously reprise scenes from the ‘Titanic’ movie during their tag bout with Shoes and Light, and Jimmy Havoc finally dethrone Majik for the Smash title in the main event.
Despite the shows continuing to be well-received by the regular audience, the calendar turning to 2008 was met with the unfortunate news that Triple-X Wrestling was to cease promoting, citing various factors. Ah, bugger. Before disappearing, though, they had one massive match already arranged that they wanted to present before shutting up shop. So, in March 2008 that function room in the Jolly Beggar Club in Coventry welcomed the man who would later become multi-time WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Then still going as Bryan Danielson, he was genuinely regarded by many to be the best wrestler in the world at that time through his efforts in ROH, PWG, Pro Wrestling NOAH and more. Matched with Danielson that night was Zack Sabre Jr, with the idea that one of TXW’s own had come through the ranks and now faced the biggest test of his career. It came as no surprise that the contest itself, despite 2 controversial restarts, was superb.
The rest of the card, which wasn’t officially branded a Triple-X show, was kept as a surprise until the actual night. It effectively acted as a tribute to the out-going promotion, including another bout between long-time nationwide rivals Conscience and Majik. In a trivia point, that undercard also featured an American wrestler called ‘Angel of Sin’, who would later spend some time under a WWE developmental contract and even appeared on New Japan Pro Wrestling PPV in 2014 as NWA representative Big Daddy Yum Yum...
And with that, Triple-X Wrestling was gone... at least for a little while. Some 8 months later, the team behind TXW had the idea to re-launch as a more ‘family-friendly’ promotion, utilising the same performers in the same Jolly Beggar venue. The new concept was given the name ‘AMP Wrestling’, which stood for ‘Another Midlands Promotion’ (demonstrating the same sense of humour was still present). The debut event, held on 2 November 2008, was a decent show, bringing in well-respected UK heavyweights Martin Stone (who became Danny Burch in WWE NXT) and Dave Moralez (billed these days as Dave Mastiff) to battle TXW favourites Conscience and Zack Sabre Jr. respectively. It was an experiment, but one that led the promoters to conclude that they may as well just bring back the ‘proper’ Triple-X Wrestling for real. The AMP concept, by the way, would be brought back during 2010 to run regularly in another part of Coventry as a ‘sister’ promotion to Triple-X, with more of a focus on new and emerging talent.
So, the ‘official’ return of Triple-X came on 31 May 2009, with regular shows once again being held in the Jolly Beggar. Most of the old favourites, such as Zack, Jimmy, Majik, Conscience, Devilman, Omer, Stryfe and Fanboy were still around, but there was also a sea of fresh new faces. Adam Shame headed up a new Tartan Mafia of Scott Renwick, Damian O’Connor and Nikki Storm, the latter of whom engaged in a series with Jetta. TXW referees Damian Dunne and Terry Seddon joined the roster in a wrestling capacity, with Seddon joining Quentin Hyde-Styles to form the ‘Socialite Superstars’ and Damian teaming-up with fellow debutant namesake Pete Dunne. eXodus went on a spree of destroying young talent, including ‘killing’ Chris Stone (who, along with Andy Shoes, was later resurrected as a zombie creation by mad Professor Lex) and repeatedly interrupting newcomers’ try-out matches by laying out all the combatants for the audience’s entertainment. This led to one batch of youngsters, including Mark Andrews, Wild Boar, Morgan Webster, Phil Ward and leader Helix, banding together to demand respect and declare war on both eXodus and Triple-X as a whole.
The return of Triple-X did not, however, mark the return of the Ax, Smash and Crush championships. Instead, the comeback event was highlighted by the crowning of Adam Shame the first official ‘full’ TXW Champion when the ‘Paisley Wrecking Machine’ cheated Zack Sabre Jr. out of victory in the ‘Clusterf**k’ match (this group’s version of the ‘Royal Rumble’). From there, Zack’s chase of ‘Shamer’ was the main storyline on the shows; his road to the title being one of the most compelling scenarios the promotion had ever presented. Over the course of an entire year, Sabre Jr. was forced to fight his way through the Tartan Mafia to get a crack at Shame, but could never catch him in a one-on-one situation. Zack’s regular tag partner from elsewhere Marty Scurll came in to assist and a Sabre vs. Scott Renwick match ended in a huge brawl involving the entire crew. Eventually, Zack beat Damian O’Connor in a memorable ‘Lumberjock’ match to finally earn a singles title contest on the September 2010 event. That was one of the best shows Triple-X ever produced. The undercard featured Fanboy and Edgar Stryfe finally settling their feud in a wonderfully entertaining ‘Fans Bring The Weapons’ match, before Zack realised his destiny and downed Adam Shame in the most heated, dramatic and emotionally charged contest in TXW history. After his victory, Zack paid tribute to the promotion as his ‘home’ and praised them for getting behind him as his career was taking off.
So, after this massive high and a wave of good feeling about the promotion, it seemed everything was great. However, as it is prone to do, disaster struck at the most inopportune time. Problems at the Jolly Beggar venue meant it was no longer possible to run shows there, with the November 2010 show being cancelled just a few hours before it was supposed to start. With the team unable to secure a suitable replacement home, no further dates were arranged. As more and more time passed, it became clear that TXW really had gone away again, this time seemingly for good. From the fans’ perspective, it was accepted that it had been a good run, but that all things must come to an end...
Almost 2 full years went by when, all of a sudden, word excitedly started to circulate that Triple-X was about to make a comeback. It was true. On 25 August 2012, everyone’s favourite alternative wrestling brand was re-launched. It was once again a new venue, this time across Coventry at the SQ Club, but far from repeating the Jumpin’ Jaks situation, this venue was as close to the Tam O’Shanter/Jolly Beggar in terms of look and feel as you could possibly get.
As with the previous restart, the shows themselves were a mixture of the familiar and the new. Zack Sabre Jr, Adam Shame, Devilman and Omer Ibrahim were still around, as was Mark Andrews, who was now placed as one of the star performers in the group to have brilliant matches against Zack and Jonathon Gresham. Quentin Hyde-Styles and Edgar Stryfe were reinvented as ‘The Henchmen’ Jim Diehard and Benton Destruction, styled after stereotypical hard-drinking, coke-snorting, pill-popping late 80s/early 90s US powerhouse wrestlers decked out in Zubaz pants, Gold’s Gym t-shirts and bumbags. Someone realised Terry Seddon bore a slight resemblance to actor Simon Pegg, so he basically became Pegg’s character from ‘Shaun of the Dead’ to battle the still-present wrestling zombies. ‘The Pride of Wales’ Eddie Dennis arrived and almost immediately shot to the top of the card, and ‘Flash’ Morgan Webster returned to cause a nuisance, with his uninvited invasion of events turning him into possibly the most hated name on the shows.
Gabriel Grey reformed the Damned Nation, this time comprising Majik, Wild Boar and Big Grizzly, and Midlands standouts The Hunter Brothers came in to feud with the Dunne duo. In addition, Triple-X became the first English-based outfit to start using Scottish cult sensation Grado on a regular basis, with his trademark shenanigans immediately being a hit in this environment.
Perhaps the most radical overhaul of Triple-X came, somewhat ironically, with a move back to their old haunt. Indeed, in August 2013 the promotion once again moved back to the Tam O’Shanter/Jolly Beggar, which had now been completely refurbished into ‘Club M’, a modern bar and nightclub. The look of the shows therefore completely changed, with the fans all stood close to the ring rather than sat down at tables as they had previously in the old working men’s clubs. In addition, Triple-X was able to make full use of the nightclub lighting, sound systems and video screens to make for an all-around more polished and impressive product.
However, while the look of the shows may have changed dramatically, today’s Triple-X still holds true to that which made it so much fun in the first place. There are the Henchmen and the Hunter Brothers brawling all over the building. You have Zack Sabre Jr, Mark Andrews, Pete Dunne and Damian Dunne putting on excellent athletic wrestling contests and international guests such as Prince Devitt, Sabu and Low-Ki still pop up on occasion for special appearances against the core regulars. Heavyweights Scott Grimm and Big Grizzly are destroying skinny boys in humorously devastating fashion, and there are always dramatic championship main events from the likes of Eddie Dennis and Devilman. Of course, there is also a whole new generation of wonderful characters that fit right into the Triple-X ethos. ‘The Amazing’ Tyler Bate gyrating grease-ball ‘Sleazy Bast**d’ Dave Mercy, TOWIE-inspired ‘Mr Reem’ Scotty Essex, ‘A Bit Of A C**t’ Chris Brookes, ‘Indy Guy’ Kieran Young, Chase Alexander and Local Jobber #2 are just the latest in a long line of names that have come into Triple-X with little recognition, but have made names for themselves and quickly become fully accepted as an integral part of the shows. It’s plain to see that the future of Triple-X Wrestling is in safe hands, looking set to entertain, amuse and bemuse in equal quantities for years to come...
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Fuck me has that come around fast! On a person note I'm so happy to be celebrating our 10th Anniversary. It hasn't always been an easy road, and once again I seem to be working myself into insanity to make this show something special, but make sure you're all there on Saturday night to see why it's all (hopefully) been worth it!
Have a beer, have a laugh, and watch some great wrestling. 

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