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The Big Boss Man - a Hall of Fame bio.


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Hard Times. Good Memories.

by @ian_stewart7


"The WWE Hall of Fame now finally has its law and order. As first reported by CBSsports.com , the newest inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame is The Big Boss Man.




I love the Big Boss Man. He’s one of my favourite wrestlers ever. His match with Hulk Hogan was my version of Austin vs Rock when I was a young lad. He was a police man, so that’s always cool when you’re 6. He was huge (a good 400 pounds on his arrival), he could move as fast as anyone, and he’d always get reactions out of my Dad saying “his punches look like he’s really belting him”. He arrived in the WWF as the bully boy heel. A rough policeman who would handcuff his opponents to the ropes, mace them in the eyes and then smack them about with his night stick. He was managed by Slick and was pals with a Akeem, to form the Twin Towers. Boss Man was thrust into the main event scene straight away, when he attacked Hulk Hogan on an edition of the Brother Love Show. Known for being one of the safest workers in the business, BBM and the former One Man Gang wrestled the Mega Powers all over the country. Fans were throwing babies at the Boss Man and Akeem at the Survivor Series, when they were both eliminated and decided to take their frustrations out on Hogan. Boss Man cuffed Hogan to the ropes and beat him senseless. Boss Man and Akeem got the upper hand on Hogan yet again in a first ever PPV Royal Rumble. They dumped Hogan out, clean as a whistle. In a bitch move, Hogan eliminated Boss Man, even though Hogan wasn’t in the match. Which still remains an injustice the WWE hasn’t cleared up yet.


ABOVE: You always knew the Boss Man was going to have a good night when he had his silver wrist band on.


What followed was a WWF title match between the Big Boss Man and Hulk Hogan on a highly watched Saturday Night’s Main Event. Still Hogan’s greatest ever match, it had a massive bump from the Boss Man from the top of the cage. Considering the ring was an NBC ring, where they didn’t want it to move so people didn’t think it was fake, it must have fucking killed. Boss Man lost, but it might have been his finest hour. Not long after this blinder, he turned babyface. In an angle on WWF Superstars, Boss Man was hired by Ted DiBiase to take back the Million Dollar Belt that Jake Roberts stole from Ted. Which was fair enough really. He was a copper, and someone had stole something. It was when the talk of money came up that the Big Man got angry “WHAT’S THIS ABOUT A PAYCHEQUE?!!!~” he yelled. That did it for the Boss Man. Off with the belt he went and gave it to Roberts. He was now a good guy and made it clear to anyone that If they ever on the off chance took a trip down to Cobb County, Georgia, it was advised that they had better read the signs and for fucks sake respect the law and order. He feuded with DiBiase in a lovely bit of WWF ham. DiBiase went to Boss Man’s home town and paid people to say things like “he beat me and my children” to drag Boss Man’s name through the mud. Once he got done with that, on request of Hulk Hogan (after they dumped Tugboat out of the main event positions), the Boss Man became the new member of Team Hogan. He was in Hulk Hogan’s corner at SummerSlam 90 (pulling double duty after refereeing a match between Roberts and Bad News Brown). In a promo I still remember to this day, without looking on youtube, Boss Man said:


“Let me you tell something Earthquake, Jimmy Hart, Dino Bravo … this is Philadelphia. Where many of the rights of our people were first formulated. But the only rights you are entitled to are the rights to be beaten into silence. The rights to have people present during that beating. And the right to a fair and impartial trial with Judge Hogan presiding”


Boss Man was the best match not involving Randy Savage at WrestleMania VII as well. In a result they got hugely wrong, Boss Man failed in his attempts to win the WWF IC title. But ended the night happy as Andre The Giant palled up with him, giving him a giant sized on screen endorsement. Next up for the man from Cobb Country was The Mountie. In probably his best feud of the early 90s, they battled it out who was “the only law and order of the World Wrestling Federation”. They had a Jail House match, which is still played on WWE On Demand as much as the Hell In A Cell from 98. Boss Man won, dragging the poor Mountie off into the NYPD jail and judging by the end angle as SummerSlam went off air, recieved a severe bumming by his cell mates. Boss Man didn’t do much until his feud with Nailz. Nailz turned up and gave Boss Man a kicking like no other.


Black and Blue – Nailz had less success when he met Boss Man in a pole match


Might not look much now, but as a 7 year old seeing the poor Boss Man given a massive hammering by jail scum was like sucking off Ernie Hudson in front of your Mam and Dad. Which was even more surprising, when one-on-one Boss Man pissed through Nailz with ease. I was watching Survivor Series 92 thinking we were going to see Mike Tyson’s harder and whiter brother, but Boss Man arsed it with no bother what so ever. That was the last of the Boss Man. He wrestled Bam Bam Bigelow at Royal Rumble 93 and did a clean job. They might as well have stuck his pink slip on his forehead as he wrestled, because it seemed like a noticeable jobbing out even without the benefit of the internet.


After losing to Doink before doing a series of jobs to Bam Bam Bigelow and Razor Ramon on the road, he was sent on loan to the USWA to help them out and because they wanted to give Boss Man a break from TV and have him return with some impact. Like they did Earthquake and the likes back in the early 90s. He'd team with Jerry Lawler or Jeff Jarrett against the Harlem Knight (the Men on a Mission), as well as working small indies in Georgia. While he was there he began negotiating with All Japan for a few tours over there, which he worked with Musawa and Kobashi the likes, to show who the superior worker was. He was only meant to be on a break from the WWF, and was set to return to the WWF in July 1993, but that got put off for some reason. All his indy bookers were ran through the WWF and the Titan Towers staff. He even did a tour of Australia where he worked with Nailz of all people, which I‘m surprised the WWF allowed. He worked for Smokey Moutain Wrestling, ECW and all the top name independents, all while under contract to the WWF. Meanwhile Boss Man had a two 3 and a quarter star matches(!!!) with Stan Hansen and Kenta Kobashi, in All Japan. So he wasn't really needing the WWF at the time. Boss Man was reinventing himself as a work rate perv in late 93.


The Boss Man was penned in to return to the WWF to referee a match between Jerry Lawler and Bret Hart after Survivor Series 93. But Lawler was serving some hard times of his own. I wonder if Boss Man was the one who alerted the authorities of Lawler's wondering eye. So that was put off. Boss Man actually returned to the WWF in December to referee the main event of a Arrowhead Pond house show between Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett. So it was a big shock when he showed up on a WCW TV taping to wrestle Rick Rude, because WWF officials had him returning at the Royal Rumble in 94. WWF assumed they had him under contract, but after Sid and the Bulldog left WCW, they made a money play for Boss Man and they got him. Its a misconception they got rid of him in a Duke Drose/Terry Taylor-esque clearout. He got a better offer and told them where to go.


THE BOSS (as he was now known) debuted in WCW in a match with Rick Rude. Boss Man vs Rude was meant to happen 3 years prior, but Rude left. Never missing a trick on the nostalgia front, this match happened on free TV as soon as Boss Man turned up. The Boss Man even started wearing a lovely black version of his former outfit and had blinders with fellow big man Big Van Vader. Poor Ray Traylor couldn’t eat his Sugar Puffs on a morning without slipping over cease and desist letters from the WWF when he turned up as the same character. A change was made. He became The Guardian Angel, but again the WWF were on the phone telling him he can fuck off any idea of being a pillar of the community in WCW. He went to his original gimmick of Big Bubba Rodgers and he seemed settled. He didn’t seem keen on wearing the Blues Brothers shit in 1996, so he changed the character up a bit. He became a biker type character, complete with a leather hat, sunglasses, big gay studded choker, barber sheers (?) and he joined up with the Dungeon of Doom. To prove he was always up for a laugh, he shaved off Earthquakes hair and beard and the pair had a It’ll Be Funny Watching Two Fat Blokes Climb A Pole Match. Earthquake won. Big Bubba then joined the nWo in late 96. He had a match with Hugh Morris on the dreadful nWo Souled Out PPV, which was notable for the finish. Tired of the Boss Man Slam, Bubba got on a motorbike and just ran him over. And pinned him. Inventive stuff. Rogers went down with an injury and returned as RAY TRAYLOR!~ He formed the best ever short lived stable with Rick and Scott Steiner, to battle the nWo b-squad. Although Hogan actually came out one Nitro and the two had a stare down. Hogan lifted the belt and said “you want this?” Everyone who still believed in Traylor thought “ideal scenario: Hogan beats Sting at Starrcade and they build up Traylor vs Hogan for Starrcade 98”. Never happened though. Poor Ray got the chop.


He still had some friends up North. One an episode of Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon’s head of security was revealed. Throughout the night a big man with a night stick and a ski-mask was standing by Vince’s side. This was when the WWF never brought old blokes back, so even the night stick wasn’t a hint. All my sources (Sky Text and the WWF Hotline) didn’t hint at any Boss Man related news either. No chance were they bringing back the Boss Man. When he twatted Austin and took his mask off, our whole house and everyone at school the following Monday went “ITS THE FUCKING BOSS MAN”. It was a great moment in time. I saw the Boss Man main event a show at the Telewest Arena in 1999 during this heel run. They were hanging from the rafters to see the Boss Man’s return to the UK after a 7 year wait. His run was more than memorable. He beat Mick Foley for the Hardcore title, he had a match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania, he was constantly a thorn in Steve Austin’s side and he was forever linked with Vince McMahon, whether it was with the Corporation, the Corporate Ministry or the McMahon Helmsley Faction. They just wanted Boss Man in a high profile angle. Case in point, we all remember his matches with Al Snow. Poor Al was having a spot of bother with the Boss Man at the time, so Boss Man kidnapped his dog, and as a peace offering invited him for a slap up meal. The catch was, the Dog was the meal. “Try not to get one of them paws stuck in your teeth.” Al even had a funeral for it, but Boss Man showed up and pissed on his grave sad.gif



Above: Walking that aisle.


Boss Man’s final highlight came when he feuded with the Big Show. “MAAH DADDY!! Like I’m supposed to feel sorry for that big piece of trash”. When Big Show’s Dad died of cancer, you’d be forgiven if you mistook the Boss Man for showing any sympathy. But instead, he turned the taste down a bit. He smashed up the watch Big Daddy left for his son, he wrote a lovely poem (“he lived a full life on his own terms. Soon he’ll be buried and eaten by worms”), but the one thing everyone remembers is Boss Man invading the funeral wearing his old leather jacket from the early 90s. Boss Man hooked that coffin up to his squad car and dragged the Big Show’s Dad around the funeral home. The match lasted about 4 minutes though. It was more about the angles than the matches anyway. Boss Man would disappear and return a few times over the next few years (usually to fight Austin). He worked as a trainer in OVW and other developmental leagues in 2000-2001. They seemed to send everyone down there during the Invasion angle, since there was a million guys on the roster. He formed a team with his old foe Mr. Perfect in 2002, which was a nice little Sunday Night Heat style act (and my WrestleFest team come to life). He was released from his contract in 2002, never to return. He would pop up in Japanese leagues wearing his black gear with no gloves, which was always a turn off, wrestling the likes of Freddie Kruger and Hacksaw Duggan. A TNA run on top with Jarrett was on the horizan, I'm sure.


Traylor sadly passed away on September 22, 2004 aged 41. It was a sad loss, as wrestlers and fans from the mid-80s to 2000s mourned the passing of one of wrestling’s true good guys. His memory lives on in WWE’s annual video games and action figure releases. On March the 7th, it was announced the Big Man has finally made it into the WWE Hall of Fame. Joining fellow 1992 Survivor Series team members the Road Warriors as the hasbro kings of the Hall.



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I was going to say Bigshow but then I also thought that Terri Runnels might be a good shout considering how close friends they were, she said that he gave her away at her wedding which is a pretty big deal but then I thought she may be just as good a shout inducting Jacqueline as well considering their history together. Slick or Mick Foley could be other possibilities again considering their history's.

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Fantastic post, Ian. Boss man was always my favourite as a youngster. Fuck Hogan, it was all about the big guy from Cobb County, Georgia. I loved the nightstick on a pole match with Nailz at Survivor Series.

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Great post Ian. Particularly like attention paid to his WCW black away kit and serious business silver wrist tape. Blue trousers were the other highlight from our fashion-conscious law man.


Anyone our age (yeah, we're all the same age here obviously...) was a mentally scarred as the Boss Man was physically. A spectacularly frightening story, albeit with a bit of nonchalant payoff. Boss Man is ace, really look forward to the video packages.

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Both Bossman and Bam Bam were incredible workers for their size. His little spot with Vinnie Jones at Capital Carnage in the UK was fun too although you could clearly hear the Bossman tell Vinnie to get on with it. Infact looking back Michael Cole had to remind Vinnie what he had to say during his interview aswell. Once again Vinnie proved he can't act.

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