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The 2016 Royal Rumble Surprise Entrant Pool


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It's back! Time to wrack your brains for the most surprising surprises you'd like to surprise you at the Rumble.

Last year we got The Boogeyman, Diamond Dallas Page and Bubba Ray Dudley, so anything can happen.

Just pick up to 3 people you want to turn up unexpectedly in the Rumble.

- You can post a picture if you want, but you don't have to
- You can run down how you think they'll do in the match, what will happen, and why you want them to appear. You don't have to, but it's more fun to read than a list of names.

A few guidelines:

- You can have anyone, wrestler or non-wrestler, male or female, dead or alive. Only pick someone dead if you're really confident they'll show up.
- You can't have anyone currently active on the main roster unless you change their gimmick, like the musical version of The Miz known as Les Miz, or the Prince-inspired Purple Reigns.
- Only the specific gimmick you state will count. So if you said Earthquake, but Golga shows up, it wouldn't count.
- NXT people are fine unless they announce their entry, but it's a bit boring to pick NXT people.
- DON'T BE BORING. The point is to come up with something fun rather than try to be accurate. You don't actually win anything for getting this right, except the prestige of being a prophet.
- You can't have the Boss Man. 2016's his year and we all know it.

Deadline's the weekend of the Rumble - three weeks from time of this post.

So let's go for it! Who do you want to show up on the 24th?

Picks so far:

2Xtreme_lives - DS Don Beech / Cuthbert Lilly

air_raid - John Morrison / Funaki
Alex Wright Mark - Rick Martel / Marty Jannetty / Paul Gascoigne

Arthur B. Funky - Jay Leno / The Patriot / Finlay

AshC - 'Hole in One' Barry Darsow / Terror Risin' / The Gambler

big7thletter - X-Pac

Briefcase - Stone Cold / Mr McMahon / Goldberg

Callum1993 - The Great Khali / The Great Sasuke / The Great John Leslie

CleetusVanDamme - Ernest 'the Cat' Miller

Dane Bramage - Jimmy Jacobs / Necro Butcher / Seth Petruzelli

DJM - Matt Hardy / Jeff Hardy / Iron Sheik

ElCece - Heidenreich / Kenzo Suzuki / Hade Vansen

eugenespeed - AJ Styles / Dewey Foley / Kenan from Kenan & Kel

Fanny Pack - Christian / Bull Buchanan / Kweng, the lovechild of Kwang and Meng

gbacon85 - Grant Mitchell / Styles P / Julia Stiles

gbacon85's eldest - Rocky, Rubble and Chase from Paw Patrol

Grecian - Tatanka / Shane McMahon / Spike Dudley

Gus Mears - Jim Bowen / Dennis Stamp / Reg Varney (playing Stan Butler)

hallicks - Wolf from Gladiators / Guile / Bob Carolgees
HarmonicGenerator - Luther Reigns / Kurt Angle / Mark Jindrak
Jackpot - Lita / Damey Damien Sandpaper / Hulk Hogan

Jaffa - the 1991 Denver Broncos

jetsetjim - Pete Rose / Max Mini / Snitsky

Jon-Carr_92 - Jake Roberts / Gobbeldy Gooker / Bugs Bunny

kickin it wit the kliq - Haku / The Shockmaster / Rikishi
Linus - Samoa Joe / Jushin Thunder Liger / Brodus Clay

Lion_of_the_Midlands - Saba Simba / Shane Douglas / Zach Gowen

Louch - Jeff Jarrett / Drew McIntyre / Albert
MattyC - MVP / Papa Shango / Tazz

Merzbow - Kato / Magic Dragon

Mr.Showtime - Fox Mulder / Dana Scully / an alien

neil is brill - Big Bubba Rogers / The Yeti / Repo Man

Nick Soapdish - Firefighter Chip / Mankind

Onyx2 - Finn the reformed Stormtrooper / Daisy Ridley as Rey Mysterio / Kylo Reigns

patiirc - Earthquake / Ronda Rousey / Texano Jr
pitseleh - Sami Zayn / Finn Balor / Dave Hedgehog

Porkchopcash - Jock Stewart / Wilmott Brown / Bubble from Big Brother / Blanche from Corrie

PowerButchi - Bobby George / Floella Benjamin / James Whale

PSF - Trish Stratus / Michael Hayes

PunkStep - Adrian Chiles / Adrian Chiles' wife / Adrian Chiles' offspring

Quantum Sparks - 1-2-3 Kid / Greg Valentine / Robbie Jackson from EastEnders

scratchdj - Iron Mike Sharpe / Chloe Madeley / June Sarpong / a Toyota Aigo from the T4 indents

Sheffbag - Sabu / Alex Shelley / Mistico

SiWri - Todd Pettengill / Sean Mooney / Mike McGuirk

sj5522 - Shark Boy / New Jack / Carlito

Slapnut -¬†‚ÄčChris Nowinski / Road Dogg / Randy 'the Ram' Robinson

spartan - IRS / Baron Corbin / Louis van Gaal

Sphinx - Nathan Jones / Tajiri

spotlightmagnet1 - Chavo Guerrero / Hardcore Holly / Sandman
SpursRiot2012 - CM Punk
Teedy Kay - Jake Roberts / Akeem / Brian Kendrick

The British Bushwacker - Gangrel / Vader / Jack Osbourne from Hollyoaks

theringmaster - Jose Mourinho / Velvet Sky / Robbie Brookside

Tommy! - Nunzio / The Hurricane / Taka Michinoku

Undefeated Steak - Austin Aries / Bobby Roode / Jonathan Coachman

Vamp - God / The XFL / Donald Trump


I'm going with these three:

I know WWE makes a big deal about Roman Reigns' family, but they never mention his illegitimate half-brother Luther. This pisses Luther Reigns off, so he's coming to win the Rumble and take on his little bro at WrestleMania, Reigns vs. Reigns!


This UK TNA tour is clearly leading to Angle showing up at the Rumble. He's heard about how well Daniel Bryan always does in them, and when he gets in the ring, he runs around asking where Daniel Bryan is. Bryan's not in the Rumble this year, but Kurt heard all the chanting and just assumed he must have been in the ring. This somehow takes us to a WrestleMania match of Angle vs. Bryan in a "Whose Body Will Fall Apart The Fastest" Match. It goes to a No Contest after five minutes when all their limbs spontaneously fall off.


Basically, Jindrak heard that his two mates from SmackDown's Most Famous Short Term Faction (remember the Angle/Reigns/Jindrak trio? They shaved Big Show's hair that one time) were going to be in the Rumble, and he thought he'd join them. The Reflection Of Perfection gets distracted by his own image in Tyler Breeze's iPhone, allowing Tyler to eliminate him. Selfie Stick on a Pole Match follows at Fast Lane.

Your turn!

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Samoa Joe




Not really an NXT developmental wrestler so a random call-up won't hurt his long-term path. Yeah, I said long-term path in reference to WWE. Funny.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Jushin Liger




Massive reaction in Brooklyn should be repeated in Orlando. Can book his own shows so he'll be no problem.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Brodus Clay




Comedy former star, quickly eliminated.

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On my phone, so pictures are beyond me!




In early, stays in about ten minutes before being elinated by Cody Rhodes. Comes in to virtual silence from the crowd. leaves to audible shrugs from everyone.


Shane McMahon:


Enters at no 21 by rappelling down from the ceiling, Owen Hart style. Eliminates himself with a stupid dive over the top rope.


Spike Dudley:

Enters at 1, goes all the way and wins, eliminating everyone one else within a minute of them entering the ring. Wins every match between now and Mania by KO, loses to Cena at Mania.

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The WWE announce that God will be the final entrant in the Royal Rumble. This leads to a bickering, debate and finally civil war in America over whether or not God's feet are real. God meanwhile announces via Aled Jones that he's going to bring back the Attitude Era because he misses all the tits.




Having created a mega network that has taken over the planet Vince decides to give football one last go. Realising his branding mistakes from last time he decides to bring back the XFL as a more serious league by having the original participants all return during the Royal Rumble!


Donald Trump

Vince announces in the final week of build up the return of a man bigger than God, a true icon of the nation... Donald Trump. Trump returns as the number one entry to the Royal Rumble, walking out to Real American as the WWE audience chant "USA" for their returning hero. That is until they start chanting for Daniel Bryan which leads Trump to announcing that when he becomes President of the World he'll ban all Daniels from the planet and send them off into space.

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CM Punk. He's realised he's going to get himself humiliated on a UFC PPV, UFC have quietly let him out of his contract and WWE have picked him up on a part time, Mania main event deal.


Probably not though.

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The Royal Rumble gets underway with R-Truth and Tyler Breeze starting it out. Then the horn hits signaling Number 3...




Rick walks to the ring with tears in his eyes, and takes constant deep breaths. Tyler is standing in the ring awaiting Martel for Pretty Man on Pretty Man combat. But as Rick gets in the ring, he stops Tyler in his tracks. "Son!" Rick says, "it's me! Your Dad! Your real Dad!"


Tyler is confused, but Rick shows proof by pulling documents from his trunks. The two are in tears and start to embrace. But then R-Truth, who had been watching in the corner, tosses them both out. Tyler and Martel will go on to be an on screen duo.


We are approaching Number 11, and the next surprise is...




He enters the Royal Rumble, while the commentators ask the question if Marty Jannetty can finally transcend to main event status after all these years. The answer is no, as he gets eliminated by Stardust immediately. Marty goes back to posting Facebook statuses about his cat or something.


I would have Neville going batshit insane. He injures Dolph Ziggler which will write him off TV for ten years, and Neville has a face off with coppers and various agents. Then twenty enters...




Armed with chicken, beer and a fishing rod, Gazza attempts to calm his mate "Nev" down. The police are not allowing him to go anywhere near the unstable Neville, and throw him over the top rope, and tell him to go home. I don't know what will become of Neville because I wanted to throw a shit Raoul Moat gag in there.

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Sami Zayn. Get that man on the main roster before his body breaks down. Imagine the pop.


Finn Balor's another shout for the same reasons as Sami.


...and finally Dave Hedgehog, because anything can happen in the Royal Rumble.

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Suprise entrant pick 1

Pete Rose

We must be due Kane tombstoning him again soon???



Suprise entrant 2

Max Mini

Hornswoggle,el torito and max mini are the first 3 entrants into the rumble and survive until number 4 makes his entrance


Suprise entrant 3


Snitsky as entrant number 4 thinks the 3 midgets are babies and punts each of them over the top rope and into the crowd. It wasn't his fault

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He enters in the early stages of the match and sticks around long enough to hit the Ballin' Elbow Drop for a pop on someone like Tyler Breeze or Stardust...before being disposed of, likely by the Big Show. 






Enters the match and casts a spell on both members of the Ascension, making them fight with and eliminate each other. Papa then focuses his attention on Stardust, putting a curse on him that makes him violently spew black liquid, leading to his elimination. The voodoo fun of Papa Shango is cut short following a knock out punch and elimination by the Big Show.






His music hits and he heads out to the ring with his towel over his head, but wearing a suit instead of wrestling attire. He steps into the the ring and then immediately exits the other side, without making physical contact with any other wrestlers. He then casually sits down and joins the commentary team for the remainder of the match. 

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Now part of WWE creative, Jimmy Jacobs has a lot of history from Ring of Honor with Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.



Jimmy Jacobs will obviously bring an invading heel faction with him. May as well include his Age of the Fall buddy Necro Butcher.




And Brock Lesnar needs an opponent for WrestleMania. There's an obvious candidate already employed by WWE. The performance centre striking coach, the first man to defeat Kimbo Slice in MMA, Seth Petruzelli.



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Chavo Guerrero



WWE are desperate for the latino dollar and I love his entrance music (although it's probably going to be Eddie's music for the pop) it might be cool. 


Hardcore Holly



He's awesome. He's cool. He's Hardcore Holly. Fuck Tommy Dreamer


The Sandman




Since we're dusting off the ECW fossils, 

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