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The best hair ever in wrestling?


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On a little more of a positive note, who has the best barnet in the biz? Whose luscious long locks makes you go all gooey at the knees?


I'm starting with a outside bet and saying that Haku's 2001 fro is among the top tier plus it looks even better in action. And if you disagree he'll likely kick your head in.





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On a little more of a positive note...


Haha, I love how positive threads always seem to have less action than their negative counterparts. I remember over in off topic a while back, there were topics along the lines of "5 good things in your life" and "5 bad things". The moany one was quickly at around 30 while the happy smiley one was about 3. You miserable bastards. :p Don't worry fellas, saying a bloke has good hair doesn't make you a poof.


Roman Reigns is my pick. Those long dark locks really accentuate his eyes, what a dreamboat, mmm... *ahem*



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I just felt sorry for the boys with receding hairlines being bashed, bit close to home you know?


Reigns is up there, I've almost choked a few times when people have said that he should cut that mane off. He's the one guy who really suits long hair, he's the modern day Fabio of the squared circle.

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