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UKFF Awards 2014: THE WINNERS!


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The Best of Pro Wrestling


Best Pro Wrestler: Seth Rollins

Rollins is a first-time winner of the award, and beat Sami Zayn by a single vote.


Best Match: The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family (Elimination Chamber)

This is the second consecutive win for the Shield, but the first year since 2006 that the UKFF's match of the year has not featured Undertaker, John Cena or Shawn Michaels.


Best Event: WrestleMania 30

This is the first win for WrestleMania in this category for five years.


Best Wrestling TV Show: NXT

This is the second consecutive win for NXT in this category, winning in a landslide - 60% of the total votes went to NXT, the next nearest contender had 10% of the total votes.


Best Feud: Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H/The Authority

2014's best feud was voted 2013's biggest anticlimax. What a turnaround!


Greatest Moment: Brock Lesnar ends the Streak

This is the third time Lesnar has been involved in UKFF's favourite moment, and the second time in three years.


Best Babyface: Daniel Bryan

This is Bryan's second consecutive win in this category.


Best Heel: Stephanie McMahon

Steph is the first female winner of this award.


Best Promo: Ultimate Warrior's final promo

This is Warrior's first UKFF award of any kind.


Funniest Moment: The crowd boos the Royal Rumble (especially Rey Mysterio)

This received over half of the total votes in the category.


Best Tag Team: The Shield

This is the Shield's second consecutive win in this category, and the third win for the group and its members so far this year.


Breakout Star: Rusev

This category, appearing for the first time since 2011, was very close. There was only one vote between Rusev and Sami Zayn, and only one vote between Zayn and third-placed Dean Ambrose.


Best Non-Wrestler: Lana

Lana is the first female winner of this category.


image of the Year: Shocked faces as the Streak is ended

This category was formerly Best Artwork, but was expanded to include photos too.


Podcast of the Year: Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling / The Steve Austin Show

Joint winners in the debut year for this new category.




The Worst of Pro Wrestling


Worst Pro Wrestler: Mojo Rawley

This is Mojo's first win, and one of the only wins for NXT this year.


Worst Match: Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Slater-Gator (TLC)

Tiger Rick's Awards History rundown misses out the results of this category for 2012 and 2013...


Worst Event: Battleground

This is the second consecutive win for the Battleground event.


Biggest Anti-climax: Cesaro post-WrestleMania

This year marks the first time this category was not won by something involving a former WWE Champion...




The Best of British


Best British Wrestler: Grado

I may be wrong, but I believe Grado is the first Scottish wrestler to win this category.


Best British Match: Mark Andrews, Eddie Dennis, Will Ospreay and Noam Dar vs. Jimmy Havoc, Paul Robinson and The London Riots (Progress)

This is the second consecutive win for a match from Progress.


Best British Promotion: Progress

This is the second win for Progress in 2014, but the first time they have won this category.




The Best of MMA


Best MMA Fighter: Robbie Lawler

2013's winner, Ronda Rousey, missed out on this year's win by just three votes.


Best MMA Event: UFC 178

This category has only ever been won by UFC.


Best MMA Fight: Johnny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler, UFC 171

This is the first win for either fighter in this category.




The Best of the UKFF


UKFF (On-topic) Poster of the Year: IANdrew Dice Clay

This is Ian's fourth consecutive win in this category, and fifth win overall.


UKFF (Off-topic) Poster of the Year: Keith Houchen

Keith won Funniest Poster in 2012, but this is his first win in this category.


UKFF Best Sports/MMA Poster: wandshogun09

In this new merged category, wand received more votes than all the other nominees combined.


UKFF Funniest Poster: Astro Hollywood

This is Astro's fifth win in this category, but his first since 2011.


UKFF Post of the Year: JNLister ('The Rough Book') (http://ukff.com/topic/134519-the-rough-book/)

Voting was very split in this category, with the winning post only receiving 20% of the total votes - but that was enough to win.


UKFF Good Egg Award: JNLister

This is Lister's second win of 2014, and makes him the first person who isn't Frankie Crisp to win this award.


UKFF Thread of the Year: Foley Is Crud (http://ukff.com/topic/134725-foley-is-crud/)

Tiger Rick's Awards History post doesn't mention previous winners, but this one may join some of those winners in UKFF On Topic Gold.




The Worst of the UKFF


UKFF Dolt of the Year: Glass Smash

Glass Smash joined the forum in November 2014, which may make him a record holder for quickest time between joining and winning Dolt of the Year.


UKFF White Noise Award: Your Fight Site

There were only three votes separating Your Fight Site and the second-placed nominee, Glass Smash again.


UKFF Failed Comedian: King Pitcos

Pitcos was the only nominee in this category to also be nominated in 'Funniest Poster'.


UKFF WTF?!: PowerButchi gets stalked

This is Butch's only UKFF awards win for 2014.

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Great story about them! My mate Dean, who you may know as Damian Duke, won a Shafta award. And one day we're in the Fat Cat Cafe Bar in Wrexham town centre, about 4pm, and it's full of kids, so he's keeping it well hidden in his bag. Until another lad called Kurt (knob), started shouting about the award. "SHOW IT OFF! SHOW IT OFF!" and he's hard, so Dean just sheepishly gets it out of the bag, hardly at all, and puts it back in.



"Nah, I don't think so Kurt mate"


"Nah, kids.... and..you know it's the afternoon..."



The music stopped, faces froze with mouths agape in shock, and Dean's shoes had suddenly become fantastically interesting to him as he stared at them through welling eyes. Kurt went into the bag for the gold plated prize and did a victory lap around the family pub and restaurant,



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I think they all look about right. The only one that stands out (apart from Pitcos being bullied by butthurts) is The Shield as tag team of the year.


Really pleased that Shield/Wyatts won match of the year because it was epic. I loved Zayn/Neville but it wasn't up with that one.


Congrats to the UKFF award winners. All well deserved. Particularly pleased for Houchen & Lister. Great guys and posters.


wand's MMA posts are excellent. I read them and I'm not even into it much anymore. Well deserved recognition.

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I voted Shield for Tag Team. They were only together for half the year but in that six months they had a great Royal Rumble showing, had the match of the year against the Wyatts, remained undefeated at WrestleMania, and had two cracking matches with Evolution. I know some thought they were getting stale but that face run rejuvenated them and I think it could have had legs if they hadn't split. Yeah, they weren't together all year but they were responsible for lots of greatness for the time they were.


The Usos were only two votes behind and were leading the voting for most of the time, if that helps!

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Yeah, great work HG. It was fun taking part in them.


Can't argue with any of the results there. NXT deservedly won by a landslide even though I voted for Lucha Underground.


*Shameless thread plug/reminder* I made a thread in on-topic a week or so ago to keep a track of any MOTY/event of the year candidates to use as a reference point for next year's awards.

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Congratulations to the Houch.  Top man and thoroughly deserved.  Coming second after you is no mean feat sir, phnarr..


On a personal note, thanks to everyone who nominated / voted for me across various categories.  It's a bit of fun this place, but I never ceased to be amazed when people have such nice things to say.

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Copied from my post in the members area:


I also wanted to say thanks for the nomination for Good Egg and to everyone who voted. Considering I only ever post in Off Topic and don't contribute much to conversations, it really is very flattering that 14 of you voted for me over and above others whom I thought were way more worthy. Thanks guys! :wub:

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