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wrestling related pub quiz team names


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Last night at a local pub quiz, when deciding our team name (we went with "Quiz all over your face") a friend of mine suggested "Deaddie Guerrero"!! Now, he's never been a tactful guy and as we were the only wrestling guys in the group of 5, it was only a joke for my benefit let alone was far far far too morbid. But it got me thinking, what other wrestling related quiz/5-a-side team names could we muster up? (Maybe not in the same bad taste as my mate's)


here's some obvious ones I could think of;




Russel Mania

The angry bumbers

The haymakers

Adam Rose's Lemons

Adam Rose's Party Go-ers


and ofcourse "Wrestling's still real to me dammit"

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Total Nonstop Answers


The Randy Savages



Sounds good to even the non-wrestling fans..


The Macho Men, not so much?

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