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Racist / Homophobic / Offensive Things Your Family Has Said

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Australians taking the piss out of you for being English isn't racism.


What makes you think those individuals were white? Trust me... I've had non-whites / kiwis / people of aboriginal descent call me a pommie bastard in the last year and a half.


Yeah, I don't think you understand how this works (to absolutely no one's surprise). It doesn't matter if they were a different race to you because the insult doesn't have any racial connotation.

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Late to the party but my nan said of the new neighbours "he's a black chap. Ohh how will I cope with all the bloody noise"

Why would "black chap" make more noise than any one else we enquire

"He'll be playing the bloody bongos at all hours".


There was then a long conversation on why that was a stupid comment to make.

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Watching the Jubilee my Nan commented, when Shirley Bassey came on stage, "I like Tina Turner". I pointed out it was Shirley and she wondered why she was singing a Tina Turner song (she wasn't). My Mum responded by noting "Why is Shirley Bassey always getting whiter?"


Later Mum also said "someone is making a lot of money off flags today, bet it is the Chinese."


Also my Nan calls my mum a "Jew" because of her thrifty nature.

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