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  1. Who else is being sued or has been legal lettered?
  2. mikey

    NJPW World

    I thought that Ospreay/Okada is more likely to be a spoiler match. Okada goes in joint top and Ospreay finally gets the singles win.
  3. mikey

    NJPW World

    The baseline level of G1 Climax 30, even with the major players obviously slowing down, will still be very good. I'm disappointed that they kept Yujiro in from their original no-gaijin plan. I would rather they'd put a young lion in there to job every night, that's how bad he is now. No, it's probably not going to as good as anything from G1 24 to 27. Personally, despite star ratings, I felt that 28 and 29 were a step down from the previous years and the middle shows seriously dragged. Problem is, as Supremo alludes to, while Ospreay hasn't been cancelled professionally, he's been canc
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