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Have a WWE 'One Night Stand'


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My flatmate loves to use the very original insult of "wrestling's gay, you're gay!" etc etc.


Last night, whilst watching Raw, he went one step further and asked me which male wrestler I'd bang if I had to.

Rather than ignore his question, I thought i'd play along and shock him by actually answering.


I went with Santino. I reckon he'd be gentle.


So I pose the same question to you guys! You can include your reasons too if you like.

Not really arsed if anyone condemns this thread. Don't be such a gay! :-p

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guts316 doing a bit of a Savile about a fifteen year old.


Ive seen Hogan's daughter up close and personal - I bet she bangs like a barn door in a storm!!!


2003, it was a different time wasn't it?


And in answer to the thread, Big E Langston.




Let this tight white boy get cucked by a big black bull.

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Randy Orton. And you can fuck off with "if you had to" or "if you were gay" etc. I just WOULD.



This is the silver lining of this particular cloud of a thread. Check out THIS from our resident wanker-into-maternal-undercrackers. He's been thinking about it for a long time, you can tell.

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