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    My housemate has made a job out of this, with crypto assets now totalling over $500,000. A good move if you're unsure about the infrastructure or process is to go with CFD's. The way he does this is on Etoro.com, where he's a popular investor. They only host CFD's for the biggest/most stable crypto's, so you're less likely to get screwed over by a shitcoin, and because it's a CFD, it's easy to put money in & take it out. They also do most major stocks, if you wanted to get into that side of things. The best feature of the site (to someone like me, anyway) is that you can set any amount of your money to be 'copying' someone, so it mirrors their trades. My housemates account is jaynemesis, and he now has $35million of other people's money set to copy his trades. It's definitely an easy way to get your foot in the door (I started a couple of years ago, and just £200 turned into a nice holiday in the space of six months).