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  1. Appreciate the advice. I've got a week off coming up, so I'll sit down and tan through some historical stuff to try to get up to scratch.
  2. I've been intrigued by ICW for a while, and enjoyed the off-shoot Jimmy Havoc tournament that happened last year. If I'm looking to get into their On Demand service, is there a solid jumping on point, or recommended just go from the start to follow characters etc?
  3. New suit looks better, but Serafinowicz still has the face of Arthur rather than a Golden Age superhero.
  4. Pretty much the only strong argument is the financial one, with oil value dropping the Scottish economy would have even more trouble sustaining as I understand it.
  5. As the title says, looking to get hold of XWA vs GPW Vendetta on DVD or digitally. PM inbox is open if someone has a copy.
  6. What's the status of that with the news that Swagger hasn't been released from his contract by the WWE? Assuming it's off the table.
  7. That's getting whacked on immediately. Thanks!
  8. It seems alright now I'm searching event names, but when I was trying to find matches involving two names it was throwing completely unrelated stuff at me. On the positive side, I've now also watched a bunch of Wrestlemania X-8, and Brainbusters vs Hart Foundation as recommended earlier. Fantastic stuff. Now watching nWo Wolfpac vs Four Horsemen from an episode of Nitro, so far featuring a confusing promo from Scott Steiner about DDP's wife.
  9. Genuinely thankful for the recommendations (especially as the Network search function seems a bit wank). Ended up watching Anderson/Flair vs Doom w/ Teddy Long which turned out to be a fun little tag ending in a double count-out brawl. Ron Simmons was an absolute beast back then.
  10. Looking to watch some more Arn Anderson stuff, is there anything on the network from when he was belting?
  11. For people who sign up for Tinder via Facebook, it automatically populates the pictures & even the description fields. So if someone signs up just to look at other profiles & never checks their own, you often see wedding photos, or pictures of their kids etc.
  12. Not really. It's two kids stabbing one of their friends and claiming they were doing it 'for Slenderman'. Creepy as fuck, but not really related to the Slenderman story at all. Haven't watched the doc yet, but I imagine it's about how unsupervised kids can be influenced by the media they consume.
  13. Monkee, that's incredible. My cats never send me fuck all. I'm in a long distance relationship (She's in Florida, I'm in the more exotic Basingstoke). I got a bunch of Lush shit sent to her house and she's buying me For Honor, then I'm going out for a meal with my single work colleagues and watching LEGO Batman.
  14. It was definitely a Channel 4, because it was the first PPV I watched live. As I recall the opener showed a video package that included Lita in some white lingerie, also marking it as the night I became a man.
  15. Aren't they 'Furries'? Don't see what the problem would be if they did.