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  1. It was the original Targaryen throne, afaik. Dragonstone was the ancestral home of the Targaryens.
  2. First FutureShock show I've attended in over three years, and I had an absolute blast. Kenny Williams was an absolute riot, and was great to see Cyanide get the chance to wrestle him; not someone you'd normally see against the arriving outsiders. James Drake just gets better every time I see him, had the crowd in the palm of his hand through the night. Slowly getting them behind him to the point they wanted to see him turn on Gibson, only to cement his position alongside him and set up what will be a cracking match against Soner. Gibson is bloody brilliant as well, but it feels like everyone's known that for years now. Actually preferred watching him here to PROGRESS, simply because as the #1 heel holding the belt he shines even more than in the midcard. The lads lower down shine as well, with Danny having a ton of fun, and Joey putting in a good shift against Drake. Tom Wolfe is someone I can see getting really good very quickly with his pre-injury background, and Damon Leigh is so very underrated, especially here as a comedy heel. "I'm not a chicken, I'm a majestic eagle" had me howling. Absolutely fantastic night, was great seeing old friends and making a few more. OnDemand for only £4 a month is worth a look, or the Soner vs The World series on YouTube if you're considering checking them out.
  3. I went to the Lucha Forever show in Southampton and it was great fun. Very old-style UK indy where they're not too bothered with storyline or taking things seriously, but the whole thing feels like a party with 100 or so people in attendance. Really enjoyed it, better after a few drinks.
  4. I've done two courses of CBT and it's saved my life, so I'm a pretty strong advocate for it. In my experience it was mostly about giving me tools to analyse why I was thinking a certain way, and methods to intervene to stop a panic attack or depressive mood before it got into full swing. It also taught some really good methods of stopping a dissociation before it happens, which is a godsend. It'll come down to how good the person teaching it is, ultimately, but definitely give it a whirl. The worst thing that can happen is you do it for 8 weeks and decide it isn't helping, while still taking your medication,
  5. FutureShock in Stockport used to have 'Raynaldo', a football-themes wrestler who would do 'dives' to get managers sent to the back, or their opponent given a warning. Also tag-teamed with Damon Leigh as 'Wristlock Rovers'.
  6. Looks like a reference to when a new Pope is elected, they blow white smoke from the Vatican chimney.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that your doctor didn't talk you through that stuff. The more I hear about it, the luckier I feel in regards to my doctor (ten years ago now, fuck). When they recommended medication it was with an acknowledgement of the side effects & the difficulty of weaning off, but at the same time pushing that it was a temporary measure while a spot with the counsellor opened up and the therapy could be effective.
  8. (DISCLAIMER: I am an English guy with some Northern Irish friends who spent a week in the ROI over the GE. Happy for someone more educated on the situation to tell me I'm a moron). I think a real big problem with it, will be Northern Ireland. I was over in the ROI during the election, and there's a lot of fear there that this will be seen as direct rule from Westminster, breaking down the current peace and reigniting the violence. The DUP have already asked for policies that would severely limit the funding of their political opponents. It's concerning that the Conservatives seem focused a great deal more on a short-term attempt to keep power, rather than the long-term effects a coalition with the DUP could have on Northern Ireland.
  9. I was trying to not be optimistic, especially as I'm in another country for 8 days working over the GE and I don't want to be miserable out there. However, we've now set aside the GE night as a 'Celebrate Corbyn as PM' night, with plans to get monumentally drunk regardless of the result, and I can feel the optimism slipping back into my brain.
  10. Chances are it was their logo for the show being a 'parody' of YouTube's logo. They consider it deceptive practice, as someone not paying attention could see the logo and assume it was an official YouTube show. Happened to us once and now I avoid it like the plague.
  11. Same, but Jim has spoken in the past about the cost per user of what they were doing, and how it wouldn't be sustainable if they grew their audience much more. It might just be that with the association & their forays into America that their audience has grown past what is affordable in terms of the PRS licence.
  12. Just caved and ordered a fan off Prime Now. Otherwise, I'm fairly certain I'll melt today.
  13. I don't really get the whole "The Middle East is a violent place, whereas the West is way more peaceful." Since we declared war on Germany in 1914 British troops have never not been engaged in a conflict somewhere in the world. We're the second biggest arms dealer in the world. As a country we're involved in creating an incredible amount of violence across the world; and since the formation of the EU that's been pretty focused on the East.
  14. They have an On Demand service via Vimeo, but it's a per show basis, rather than a monthly sub, which has priced me out currently. Woudl love to watch the latest shows, but at £15 a show I can't really justify it right now.
  15. "The definition for this is never held a World Title." I definitely don't recall Eugene winning the big one.