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Crowdsource some great music


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Morning all!


So, I thought I'd try a little something here, with all the musiclovers on the forum. I need to compile a big list of some great, but pretty obscure, music from the 50s, 60s and 70s (and earlier but no later). All different styles really, from jazz to heavy rock and all points in between. I'm looking for tracks that are evocative and unusual, not well-known but excellent anyway.


All suggestions will be listened to, so youtube links or similar would be a bonus.


Now's your chance to get your personal fave lost track/s heard by a much, much larger audience. Fire away!

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I can't really say, but potentially these tracks will get a new shiny release.


Just throw any and all at me really. Anything with a bit of blues or rock, early metal, particularly interested in.


For example, I've just been listening to this:




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I'm doing this on my work PC which doesn't have sound, so I hope these youtube links are to the right songs. Hopefully these are obscure enough for you.


The Ohio Players - Summertime (1966) - I usually pick this when asked to name my favourite song. I really like the strange, abrupt beginning, and its equal parts eerie and funky throughout the rest of the seven minutes.


- The youtube comments suggest that this was used in a trailer for V (not sure if they mean the alien TV reboot or ..for Vendetta) so perhaps it won't fulfil the obscurity quota. Nevertheless, an epic song which is peculiar for its lack of similarity to anything else the Small Faces ever did.


- Funky, brooding, etc. Ms. Humphrey apparently wasn't much of a flute player according to those in the know. This is a brilliant listen regardless.


Johnny Guitar Watson - Superman Lover (1976) - Think the youtube link is a live version, the quality of which I can't vouch for because the aforementioned music-less work environment. Redman sampled this years later and killed it dead.

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