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WWE Night Of Champions 2012 Discussion Thread


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Blimey, no posts in 3 weeks before the show and then no reaction after. Is this indicative of the interest generally in the product at the moment?


I didn't watch the show but read a report this morning. Main event sounds like another terrific Cena/Punk outing with a finish that keeps both strong. Bryan/Kane winning the titles could lead to some great stuff. Rest a bit meh.

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Tired to watch all of it never can stay awake when i watch it on the laptop. What i saw was ok jbl on commentary was good putting everyone over but in a way that sound real as apposed to when Cole trys to do it. Saying that thou Cole wasnt to bad either

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Cracking main event. great heat for it, Cena busting out a plancha, cena's dad in general, the suplex off the railing, 2 aa's a gts and best of all a rock bottom all kicked out of. I'd usually be pissed with a draw but I'm ok with it. They will probably put them in the cell with each other next which should be fun.


World title match was good although booker reinstating the brogue kick made the result a bit obvious for me but a good match. Orton vs ziggler was good as well and the tag title match was a lot of fun. Hug it out chants and the pop for the hug were great. I demand Kane and daniel bryan go to disneyworld skits.


JBL was fantastic all night as well. great pop when he came out and he slipped back into it like he had never left



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Some dark places of the internet are seriously butthurt over the finish of the main event, but it keeps both strong. Punk was great in this match and that's without his wrestling ability. Holding the belt up for ages at the start of the bout, that shit eating grin to Cenas dad in the crowd, the general skipping around the ring whilst he was pasting Cena in the early goings. My only gripe, and I can't believe I'm actually going to say this as it never usually bothers me, but how many finishers does Cena want to kick out from? I know Punk kicked out after the AA twice but I think this was a bit too much, the G.T.S twice, the Anaconda Vice, the Crossface, Macho Elbow, Rock Bottom. Still, it was a good match, and different from their other PPV encounters. Hopefully they'll bring the house down at Hell in a Cell too.


Alberto/Sheamus was pretty much the same match they've been having for months now. Totally pointless banning the Brouge Kick in the first place if they were gonna have Booker come out and basically say "the move isn't banned because we're wrestlers and those are the risks". Hopefully Sheamus and Alberto are done with each other now.


Team Friendship were brilliant. A fun match here, another hug it out aswell! Loved Daniel Bryan celebrating as if he'd just won back the World title.


Eve winning the Divas title, the filthy slut :love:


The four way and Orton/Ziggler were okay but nothing spectacular.


Enjoyed the show overall though.

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