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WWE Super Smackdown Live - Discussion Thread


Smackdown 10th April 2012  

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Brock doesn't work Tuesdays so time for the boys of Smackdown and some Legends to take centre stage on Super Smackdown Live.


Catch WWE Legends including "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes and The Million Dollar Man on Syfy this Tuesday at 8/7 CT for a special "Blast from the Past" edition of SuperSmackDown LIVE.


Blast From the Past, could be fun if its anything like the Old School Raw they had a while back. Other than that, looking forward to seeing progression with the World Heavyweight Title picture, which hopefully may include Daniel Bryan. Will Ryback go 2 - 0 as well? Will we have more from Damien Sandow? Hopefully this should be pretty good.


Check out the ad (love the cheesey music)


Oh yeah, and its on at 1am tonight on Sky Sports 3

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I was hoping when I read "Old School SmackDown" that they'd bring out the old logo and the Oval Tron and have guys like X-Pac, New Age Outlaws, Val Venis make appearances, but from the looks of things, it's just going to be a huge advert for the Legend's House program, which is a bit of a shame.


Should be a good show though. Pulling for a Submissions Count Anywhere match between Del Rio, Sheamus & Bryan at Extreme Rules. The Morrison/Miz/Bryan one was good fun, whenever that was.

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Really looking forward to this and after reading about the Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley Twitter rivalry following their Wrestlemania weekend confrontation it makes me wonder whether Foley being there for the legends show tonight will have anything to do with this? If it is all kayfabe and it was planned to bring Ambrose up to the main roster I think this could be the best opportunity for them to do it while it is happening and fresh in people's minds. Like some have said I don't think Ambrose would have gotten away with doing that without WWE's permission, if he had done that to someone like Foley and caused a legitimate upset there I think he would have been dealt with by WWE but I think this was all planned as a way to bring him up to the main roster and if it is I think it's a brilliant way to do it and tonight would be the best time to pull the trigger on it.


I realise some fans may not have been aware of it but it's easy enough for WWE to get hold of the footage of that and mention about the Twitter war and then fans would be all up to date on how the rivalry began. If anyone hasn't seen the video it's on here:


Dean Ambrose and Mick Foley argue.

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I'm staying up for this just for that. Even though he's an old prick, I still love a bit of Piper involved with my wrestling. This can't fail, right?!


dAz will be chuffed when he reads/hears of this segment. They're moving the bus, hombre.

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Here's a shitty picture to sum up a shitty show. If you haven't watched it yet, this might just save two hours of your life.


I paused the TV for a minute, and when I looked back I noticed something. Then I looked harder, and realised that out of fifteen audience members, less than half of them are arsed:


One is gazing off into the far corner of the arena

Two lads are having a chat (I imagine it's about haircuts or The Smiths)

One man is one his phone

Two people are looking at the big screen

A little kid is faffing around with his iPod


Six of them are paying attention (or maybe they're just frozen with boredom)


Easily one of the worst episodes of a wrestling show ever, just absolutely pointless from beginning to end. Probably best summed up with the line: "The Great Khali, Natalya and Alicia Fox against Drew Mcintyre and the Bellas".


Hashtag SuperFuckingSmackDown indeed.

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I'm not normally a Smackdown viewer because it's normally dull as fuck. I was suckered in by the promise of a blast from the past and the "Super" tag which I presumed might mean we got some Cena or Punk or something.


Daniel Bryan is an absolute cock. He's a complete and utter dick. They played it beautifully, I thought. The audience was dead for it though. Why is the Smackdown audience always so, so quiet?


The old school thing just doesn't work anymore. It's nice that this group of guys are still alive and all but I'm sick to death of seeing them. The ending should have been great but it wasn't because no-one cares about these guys anymore.


The Uso's are very good but just not over in the slightest. They have a good look, they have a bit of colour and the haka type entrance is decent but they just don't come across well. A great use of the "Blast from the past" gimmick would have been to have big 'kish come down with them. But no, nothing. Are they heels or babyfaces? I have no idea. It didn't help that their opponents seemed to be one of each too. Are they packing on weight too? Maybe they are going too far with the Headshrinkers 2011 gimmick?


They might aswell stick Orton & Kane in a cage at some point. Neither has much else to do. Orton is absolutely floundering at the moment. He really needs to switch to Raw if they have a draft. I'd swap him with Punk and let Punk be the top guy on Smackdown while Orton gets to shine a bit more.


Dusty Rhodes and Hacksaw look absolutely terrible. Neither should be on HD TV. Khali is awful. Is Natalya a babyface? She was cheering (stupidly) on Raw last week when Johnny Ace announced himself as new GM.


The Ace/Sheamus segment was OK but would've been better if the crowd cared about either. That and Piper's Pit aside, this was a woeful show. Back to just reading the spoilers for me next week.

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