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We all love our squash matches, whether it be Sid crushing their spines with powerbombs or Goldberg practically tearing them in half with the spear there's one thing for certain; squash matches can make practically anyone look AWESOME. Post a link to some of your favorites here and, when I have time, I will update this original post putting them into a handy A-Z directory for your viewing pleasure. Along the way, feel free to correct any mistakes I may make in regards to what show they took place on or for what company. I've already started this over on a few other forums so I'll post the list so far and try to continually update all three threads:




Bam Bam Bigelow:

vs. Joey Maggs - WWF Raw


Big Daddy V:

vs. vs Brandon Gatson, Jeff Michaels & John Arson - WWE ECW

vs. Colin Delaney - WWE ECW


The Big Show/The Giant:

vs. Brooklyn Brawler - WWF Sunday Night Heat

vs. Colin Delaney - WWE ECW

vs. Mr. Perfect - WWE Raw


Big Van Vader:

vs. Kenny Hendrix - WWF Superstars

vs. Mike Khoury and Rick Keller (2-on-1 Handicap Match) - WCW Saturday Night

vs. Snake Watson - WCW

vs. Steve Greene and Carl Robertson - WCW Worldwide

vs. ???? (Gauntlet "Workout" Match) - WCW Saturday Night

w/ Sid Vicious vs. ????? - WCW Saturday Night


Bill Goldberg:

vs. La Parka - WCW Monday Nitro


Brock Lesnar:

vs. Randy Orton - WWE Smackdown

vs. Spanky - WWE Smackdown

vs. Zach Gowen - WWE Smackdown


Brodus Clay:

vs. Aaron James (AJ from Tough Enough) - WWE Superstars

vs. Jose Vargas - WWE Superstars

vs. Pat Silva - WWE Superstars


Brian Adams/Crush:

vs. Dwayne Gill - WWF Superstars

vs. Kato - WWF Superstars

vs. Matt Hardy - WWF Raw



The Great Khali:

vs. Charles Robinson - WWE Smackdown



The Headshrinkers:

vs. Jim Powers and Bobby St. Laurent - WWF Superstars

vs. Joey Maggs and Brian Costello - WWF Superstars

vs. Mike Bell and Tony DeVito - WWF Prime Time Wrestling

vs. Tony Roy and Mike Davis - WWF Wrestling Challenge



John Bradshaw Layfield:




vs. Ahmed Johnson - WWF Raw

vs. Colin Delaney - WWE ECW

vs. Jeff Jarrett - WWF Sunday Night Heat

w/ Undertaker vs. The Big Show and Kaientai(3-on-2 Handicap Match)


Kurt Angle:

vs. Brooklyn Brawler - WWE ECW



Mark Henry:

vs. Johnny Curtis - WWE Smackdown


Mike Knox:



Nathan Jones:

vs. ???? - WWE (Dark Match)



The Quebecers:

vs. Tony Roy and Tim McNeany - WWF Superstars



Razor Ramon/Scott Hall:

vs. Frank Lancaster - WWF Raw

vs. Sean Dakota - WWF Wrestling Challenge



vs. Barry Stevens - WWE Smackdown



Scott Steiner:

vs. Evan Karagias, Jamie Knoble and Jung Dragons (4-on-1 Handicap Match) - WCW Nitro


Sid Justice/Vicious:

vs. Aldo Montoya - WWF Superstars

vs. Disorderly Conduct (2-on-1 Handicap Match) - WCW Thunder

vs. Leon Downs - WWF Superstars

vs. Lenny and Lodi (2-on-1 Handicap Match) - WCW Thunder

vs. Greg Swayer - WCW

w/ Vader vs. ????? - WCW Saturday Night



The Undertaker:

w/ Kane vs. The Big Show and Kaientai (3-on-2 Handicap Match) - WWF Smackdown



Wade Barrett:

vs. Don Gonzales - WWE Superstars

vs. Trent Barreta - WWE Superstars



vs. Lodi - WCW Monday Nitro

vs. Nick Dinsmore - WCW Monday Nitro

vs. The Renegade - WCW Monday Nitro

vs. Scotty Riggs - WCW Monday Nitro

vs. Sick Boy - WCW Monday Nitro




vs. Tony Johnson - WWF Superstars

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Nathan Jones:


I've just watched this one, and I'd forgotten how much I laughed at Chimel's ring introduction of "making his way to the ring from Australia". He must be fucking tired. Punctuation is important Tony, even when speaking.

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When Sid was doing his own little version of the Goldberg win streak and making Charles Robinson walk down to the ring with a sign showing his current score, I remember he squashed a tag team on Thunder. He power bombed the shot out of both of them, and claimed it as 2 victories. Can anyone remember who the team were? A youtube link to the bout will win the first person to post it a free kiss.

Public Enemy?

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I fucking love Stan Hansen. The best part of that video is at 2:39 when Hansen kicks one of the jobbers out of the ring, and the other guy comes round and chucks him back in as if to say, "Go on, you poof! It's only Stan Hansen!"

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