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I had a young lady in tow merely a week ago...lasting all of a week. Quite bizarre, she'd asked me out on the Friday and then a week later just wanted to be chums again. Either I messed that up pretty quickly, or women are funny like that. C'est la vie as they say. The woman in my sig shall remain my love interest for the forseeable future.






Look at those eyes! :love:

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Married for just over a year and hurtling toward my thirties as everyone wonders aloud when children will begin to appear. Why doesn't anyone accept that (a) we don't want children (b) we don't like children and © I don't in any way consider my life meaningless to not have parenthood on my to-do list.


If you have had kids, good for you and I'm glad it makes you happy. But, honestly, I'm getting sick of the clich

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