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WCW vs. nWo Thread


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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to:





The whole of WCW is in chaos, following Bash At The Beach! The Immortal Hulk Hogan, once beloved of the fans, has turned his back on them to join forces with two dangerous, sinister Outsiders known as Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Together, they have formed the New World Order and declared war on WCW and everything it stands for. Wrestling fans, we are now witnessing:









Game Rules:



- Please adhere to the site rules.

- Do not discuss this game of mafia outside of this thread unless your role PM allows you to do so.

- Day phases will last 5 days maximum.

- Night Phases will last 24 to 48 hours, depending on circumstances (such as V/LA and so on).

- During night phase, no talking may be done in the thread at all.

- Do not quote PM's from the mod at all (real or fabricated). Paraphrasing is acceptable.

- If you have any questions about your role, or the game, feel free to PM the mod.



- All votes must be in bold format: vote: Nexus for example.

- You must unvote before voting. Unvotes must also be in bold.

- Any and all votes will be counted, if you wish to waste a day phase voting for someone not in the game,that's fine by me.

- You may vote No Lynch.

- Voting tricks are not acceptable. If you misspell someone's name intentionally, but I get the gist of it, the vote will count.

- A lynch will occur once a majority decision is reached. If no majority is reached by deadline, then no lynch shall occur.



- Character names will be given, but you must NOT, repeat NOT give them away, as they WILL relate to your alignment or role. If you want to claim a name, it must only be fictional ones or those of wrestlers who were, as far as can be verified, not with WCW at the time.

- Feel free to join in the flavour with sigs and avatars - in fact, I encourage it - but they will mean NOTHING in terms of your alignment, character or role.

- Do not edit your posts at all.

- No impossible/hard to read text.

- Flavour text is red, Mod messages will be in blue, as you see in this post.

- To re-create the tense and unpredictable atmosphere of the nWo storyline, some flavour may be game-related, some not at all. It's up to you to decide and agonise over it.

- The Mod may make mistakes - please point out any mistakes gently. Mistakes will be corrected where possible, but sometimes mistakes are made that cannot be reversed. These will stand as final to be commiserated over after the game.

- Due to the nature of my job at present, I will very often not be available straight away. Where possible, I will post ASAP, but the best I can guarantee you is that I will be around at least once every 24 hours.

- Do not use spoiler tags. You have no need to do so. Doing so will invite a warning.

- If you are not happy with your role, I'm afraid that's tough titty for you, fishface. You either play or you PM me to quit, and I replace you. Those are the only two options you have if you wish to play in any of my games again. Tantrums will be dealt with the same way in which flaming and insults will be.

- Thackeray's Accelerator is banned.

- Finally, remember this is a game. So outright insults will not be tolerated. Play to your win condition, not to disrupt other players from enjoying the game.




-I expect you to post once every 48 hours. If you don't, you will get prodded. If you do not respond to your prod, either in thread if it's during the day, or via PM during the night, then you will be replaced.

-Similarly, if you get prodded three times, and require a fourth, I shan't bother with the fourth prod, instead simply replacing you.

-In order to prevent the problems which arise through non-participation and thus threaten to ruin enjoyment of the game, I will NOT be using Modkills or L-1 penalties in the case of Power Roles as punishment; instead, I shall simply transfer the offending non-participant's powers to a random Vanilla Townie or Mafia Goon, depending on offender's alignment, and the offender shall be designated Powerless. All this will happen via PM, in secret.

-Modkills or L-1 penalties WILL be used in the case of bad sportsmanship or failure to adhere to the rules. The criteria for these, where not clearly outlined, will be decided by myself.


Other rules:


-When you die, I will permit one "bah" post. Other than that, you may not speak in the thread until after the game has finished.


Lastly, to stop people referring to PMs to ascertain if someone's WCW or nWo, here is an example of a WCW Wrestler (Vanilla Townie) PM (the example given is not in the game):


You are "Goldbelt" Brian Maxine, a WCW Wrestler (Vanilla Townie). The only ability you have is to vote for those you think should be eliminated.


WIN CONDITION: You win when all threats to WCW are eliminated.

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Not to hijack this thread, but whoever has Hogan, needs to know since this is straight after Bash at the Beach 1996, you should be taking a few weeks off, and making an odd appearance every now and again, because you will be filming 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain and the Secret Agent Club.


Thats the last post from me in this thread.

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Mod Question


When you say a non-participants powers will be transferred to a random player, does that include their vote?


I initially thought about it, but I didn't want to over-power people with both an ability and a double vote, so no. Please bear in mind this is an experimental method, so it may or may not turn out to be duff.

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Can we have a list ofeveryone who is playing please Carbomb




In no particular order:


Lion Of The Midlands

Snake Plissken


Soap McTavish

Ron Simmons

Chris B

Family Guy PMSL

Top Man Shopper










El Nicko Loco


Replacements standing by in the Power Plant: swiftstrike, Mike Castle


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Guys, I'm going to let FGPMSL's claim slide, and give him the opportunity to claim to be someone else from OUTSIDE that time period, a fictional character, or nobody at all. But that's the only chance I'm giving, as it's so early on. Please read the rules. I've put a lot of time and effort into formulating this game based on the characters from the original storyline, and I'd appreciate it if people stuck to them. If you didn't like the idea, you shouldn't have signed up.


BigJag - when you vote for someone, please put their name in bold. However, you might want to hold off on voting until you've got more evidence against them - it's a discussion-based game, as you'll see as it progresses. The only votes so far have been for laughs, as those players will tell you.

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