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UKFF Photography Thread


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I recently got into digital SLR photography and figured UKFF could do with a spot for like-minded folks to post their photos from time to time, discuss kit and techniques, and so on. The only rule I propose is that if you post photos, you have to have taken them yourself, rather than posting stuff you find cool. There's already an awesome thread for that.


I'll get the ball rolling with this effort from a few nights ago. This is 250 x 15 second exposures averaged using the Startrails astrophotography freeware application.




(I hope this thread doesn't now die on its arse...)

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The forest scene is a belter! :) Agreed that it ultimately only matters if you like your photos


To anyone uploading photos - I just took the direct image link from my Facebook photo page to add the photo above. Bit quicker than using Flickr/Tinypic/Imageshack/etc if you'd already put the photo on your Facebook

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These were taken on a pretty standard camera in 2007, when I travelled around the USA and Canada for a few months. They're far from professional, but I quite like 'em.


Dusk at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon:



Sailing towards the Golden Gate Bridge:



Niagara Falls:



Overlooking Yosemite National Park:



Sunset at Ocean Beach, San Diego:


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Hardly a sight to behold, but I stumbled upon this happy image at my old job:



That looks such a friendly toilet. Why kick it in the face? :(


For anyone interested, (I think) all of these were taken on a Nikon D80. The squirrel, the guitarist, the bearded singer (Plug: Duncan from The Elreys) and Wagner were with the 70-300mm VR. The spider was taken with the 50mm f1.8 and a

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