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  1. Don't know how true it is but it's been said it is £15million plus add ons
  2. Blue Velvet is great but I think Straight Story seems to be overlooked a lot. Haven't seen it in quite a while now.Twin Peaks: FWWM is my definate favourite, but not popular with a lot of people.
  3. yes they were, i remember buying some early 90's WCW tapes when i was over in American, only to be disappointed when i got home and i couldn't actually watch them
  4. Our local MP, I don't know anyone who actually likes him. While the local candidates debate was happening in Lincoln he was out sticking Conservative signs on the phone poll outside the leader of the city council's house, who is of course a Labour member. He insisted that the spelling of his surname be changed on all Parliament listings, records of business, transcripts of Parliamentary Debates and Parliament's website from McCartney to MᶜCartney (with a floating c), which would only cost £15,000 of tax payers money to do. This needed to be done so his name to be "represented correctly". I'm not sure if it actually was done in the end. He will probably still be re-elected though.
  5. It's been getting very good reviews from what I've read, really enjoyed the books so am looking forward to watching it.
  6. As well as above the ruins of Old Sarum and Wells Cathedral / Wells Bishop's palace are also worth checking out. <edit> oh and as well Avebury Manor and the Neolithic henge around the village which is like Stonehenge but larger and you can get a lot closer
  7. MRIs are completely fine, I've had loads and the only thing for me is that they are boring and I have to lie still doing nothing for ages. No idea why the have got you to cut your hair as I never have needed that done.
  8. GBH is a great show, I rented it from Blckbuster in teh late 90s to show my girlfriend at University at the time. She wasn't impressed and we didn't last much longer. I really should watch it again, probably haven't done so in a decade.
  9. you can just cross the floor, there would only be a Bi-Election if the MP chose to call one. For example Winston Churchill twice crosses the floor without holding a Bi-Election.
  10. Hey we have re-signed John Morrison!
  11. I had problems after pausing the NXT The End event half way through. When I tried to play it again it just took me to the end and no matter how many time I started to fast forward from the start when ever I got past half way I got taken to the end again. Tried watching it on my PC via logging in to and that way I could watch it fine.
  12. I have tickets to the Sunday show, here's hoping that they will still be going ahead.
  13. Yes he is a very good prospect, we luckily got him under contract before another club came in for him as usually seems to happen with our young players.
  14. I know he is not the most reliable source but I recently watched a ECW Exposed Live old WWE Network special and Paul Heyman claimed that he was able to use WCW talent as they were the results of settlement agreements in lawsuits he won against them.
  15. Like who? Ah crap I might be thinking of 1994. Cactus Jack, Brian Pilman and Steve Austin were all still working for WCW then right? Also wasn't WCW in on the Loose Cannon angle in 1996 before Pilman signed for WWE? Ron Simmons also worked some shows in 94 but I don't know if he was still WCW at that point. There was also a Arn Anderson & Terry Funk vs Bobby Eaton & Sabu match in 1994.