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[Nominations] Funniest Moment of the Decade


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Kurt Angle gives Austin and Vince cowboy hats and sheriff badges.


Edge and Christian with the streamers singing "You think you know me", "Streamers rule."


Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle five second pose dressed as rednecks.


Hurricane and The Rock - "I know know one super hero who the Hurricane could beat... The Scorpion King"


The Rock singing "Leaving Sacramento"


Regal trains Eugene vignette.


Eddie Guerrero hits canvas with chair then falls down causing the referee to disqualify Matt Hardy on Smackdown.


Eugene's Musical Chairs.

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Who said that Dopper?


I'll say:


"Finally.....The Rock has come back to Toron......Toron......To run his mouth on all your candy asses"




"Yay.....Ooooh Yay, he said our town"


In fact, can we just clump together every Rock related moment from January to April 2003.

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Paparazzi Productions.


William Regal getting into the "Money, Money, Yeah Yeah" dance.


Kurt Angle's promo on Rey about handling boys.


Santino nicking Lawler's sandwich.


Santino talking about "Tom Hanks with the AIDS".

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DX impersonating Vince and Shane McMahon is the funniest moment I can recall.


Edit: Just remembered Kurt Angle buys the Undertaker a new Motorbike - 2000.


Edit 2: Just remembered Nash speaking to the X division wrestlers:


'Jay, you go first'

'Man, why do I have to go first?'

'Because you're black!'

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