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Bellator 253 - Caldwell vs. McKee 🐺 (November 19th)

Egg Shen

Who Wins?  

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Weekly Bellator thread then... Gonna be super lazy and post a photo of the card rather than typing the fucker.



First Semi-Final of the Featherweight Gran Prix headlines and what a fight! McKee is the one Bellator prospect who really seems to be in grasp of becoming a legit player in the sport. Where a lot of Bellator prospects have stumbled, McKee just keeps on walking through guys. 



Prelim card is pretty deep here too.


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I can't wait for this card. 

Jason Jackson is a favourite of mine, so I hope he runs through Bendo. 

The Main Event is one of the most interesting fights Bellator have put on all year. I'm picking McKee, but part of me hopes Caldwell wins, purely because it would make King Kyoji's wins over Caldwell seem more impressive. 


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A beautiful finish by McKee. He's the real deal, and him taking on Pitbull (hopefully) in the final is beautiful. The king defending his crown against the young cub. Either this tournament crowns a new star, or really helps Pitbull's standing as one of the best lighter weight fighters in the sport, which gives Bellator strong claims in the 145 and 205lb divisions. 

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Even as a casual, I can appreciate how superb that sub was. When something's done well, even a non-fan can spot it, and that was about as well-done as it gets.

I just did a read-up of McKee's record - the guy's more Bellator than Michael Chandler was! His entire career has been in Bellator. Imagine being considered such a prospect that you start your run in the big(gish) leagues right from the get-go. Not to mention 17 (SEVEN-FUCKING-TEEN) fights in five years, and undefeated?! Yeh, this kid's special. I know the names on his record aren't the tippy-top, and the real competition began about three or four fights ago, but even against the lower league guys, a lot of fighters will pick up the odd L or two while they're developing.

I'm genuinely intrigued to see where this kid goes now. (Also, something odd: he's only ever once finished a fight in the second round. The rest of them, he's either finished them in the first or third round, or gone to decision).

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