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Your Oldest Website Bookmark


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Jumping off the back of that insane website, thread...

What's the oldest still-working website that you have bookmarked?  What hidden corner of the internet do you still have access to?

Mine is this link from when I used to play Elite: Frontier back in 1999 or so, there were various websites about Elite and its sequels and this was one of them that I used to visit.


Amazingly still hosted although not updated in 15 years essentially.

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1 hour ago, air_raid said:

I don't use bookmarks, ever. I type three letters of the url and the address bar auto completes for me. I don't go to a varied enough number of sites to need bookmarks in my personal life. Work, completely different matter.

I have to be quite careful when trying to access the Sporting Life website to check times of horse races around people... 

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