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Planning Wrestlemania 2019


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I'm torn on this.  Considering it.  I've been to Metlife Stadium before for NFL - and it is incredible - but I have to wonder whether I'll be able to sit outside in the cold for 7 hours.  If it's raining (there's no roof or cover of any sort) then it's a recipe for a shit time and the flu before a long haul flight home.  

For those who are going to New York for the first time - don't stay in New Jersey is my advice.  Stay in and around Manhattan if you can afford it - or Brooklyn. NYC is an amazing place. 

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I'm still on the fence about this one, especially after a week in NOLA, but ill prob end up doing this just for the weekend, possibly package again.

Out of the Mania's I've attended 29 was definitely my least fav, just for the fact you don't get that Mania vibe with everything so spread out and NYC being so big.

I would definitely stay in Manhattan, about 20 mins to the Barclays on the tube for a few dollars on the metrocard. I stayed in Jersey for the first few days at 29 and it was not easy to navigate into the city.

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From Wrestlecon's Twitter account


Our 2019 Wrestlecon location, including the ability to book/reserve your hotel room (not charged now) will be available Friday, May 11th at 3pm EST.


I would advise anyone planning to do Mania 35 to secure a Wrestlecon hotel when made available later today as it will cost nothing to reserve now and they usually have cracking deals and you'll be where the action is at.


If you are aren't set on staying in Manhattan then I would also suggest the Hyatt Regency Jersey City.  It's a fantastic hotel with the PATH station right on its doorstep giving you easy access to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Metlife.  I secured a room with two double beds for 6 nights costing a total of £667, they have a couple of rooms left that week and I think the prices have crept up a little now but I would strongly recommend it.



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has anyone else booked there flights yet?, I've paid for my hotel staying in the hotel Marrakech, I've stayed there before on a holiday to new York and its a great little hotel, im staying Wednesday to Wednesday, flights currently coming up at around £480 direct from Manchester, do we think the flights will go any cheaper than that?

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