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  1. Add Billy Jack Haynes, Ken Patera and Lex Luger to the list as well. Damn! Also saw a recent pic of Sid Vicious... surely did not look that impressive anymore...
  2. I go to the XWA event the next day in London, Ospreay vs Pentagon should be amazing!
  3. I remember watching Nitro early 96 and was shocked to see Arn Anderson beat Hulk Hogan. And if I remember correctly, two weeks in a row.
  4. Whats the general opinion re the WWFknockoff shows/ tribute shows in the UK in the 90s/ 00s? I have only read about them, but cant imagine anyone attending something like that.
  5. Was this the reason Harley Race vs King Haku ("battle of the Kings") was cut from the video/ dvd release of Royal Rumble 1989? I always wondered why they cut his match...
  6. Yeah, but what Im referring to back then was a newly released latest WWF PPV.
  7. 80 GBP is even more insane...imagine nowadays paying 80 for a dvd, lol.
  8. What always surprises me is when I see those old Coliseum Video advertisements in WWF magazine from the 80s. A videocassette of a WWF PPV in 1988/1989 cost $ 39,95 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Even in 2017 that is a LOT of money for a dvd, let alone thinking about how much it must have been back in the 80s. How can this be justified?
  9. In general, fans also missed out when it comes to being informed. I still go insane over that I missed out on seeing Hogan vs Flair and Flair vs Steamboat live in Germany (driving distance from where I live in Holland), simply because I did not know WCW was touring there.
  10. I wanted to attend these shows, even already booked my plane ticket, however due to very arrogant replies to questions to clarify certain aspects re the show/ lineup made me decide to skip these shows anyway.
  11. Interesting post though. If these are facts then it sure looks like a company in trouble...
  12. I've went to two so far: Hulk Hogan in Sheffield last year and earlier this year to Paul Heyman in London. Both times VIP tickets. The Hulk Hogan one was brilliant, but that probably also has to do with the fact that he is my childhood hero. Organization was top notch. Hogan really opened up and spoke from the heart re a number of topics. Amazing experience. It was very expensive, but def worth it. Paul Heyman: less expensive, but Extreme VIP was still 130 GBP if I remember well. This included 2 pics with Heyman, a shirt and two autographs. Front row seating. A nice experience. He was more political correct than Hogan, but it was nice to hear his stories/ thoughts. Will go to the Honky Tonk Man's in Londen this November. I'd attend more if I lived in the UK, but since I'm from Holland attending one of these is not cheap, as it also includes flight and hotel.
  13. Doesnt make sense. There are other sets on his site which should not be on there for similar reasons...
  14. These sets are not on his site though.
  15. Excited about the HTM London show. Thanks for posting!