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Planning Wrestlemania 2019


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I just got home today; I did G1 Supercard (just about made it after a 2 hour flight delay, heavy traffic into Manhattan and a swift 10 block run to the Garden), Mania, Muse at MSG and Hamilton on broadway. Had an absolute blast.

For those that went to Axxess, other than the signings, what else was on display? As I took my girlfriend I didn’t think she’d fancy it and the last Mania I went to was 22 and it wasn’t really a thing then.


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I did Axxess on Saturday afternoon. There was an NXT UK taping each session on the Saturday (the one I saw had a few matches, plus Q&A's with Drake Maverick and Ricochet, a Mania museum of sorts with various bits of Mania history (Nakamura's outfit from last year, Rollins' briefcase when he cashed in money in the bank, that kind of thing) the massive New Day cereal box from their Mania entrance. There was loads of fan stuff, you could do an entrance to any WWE superstar music, call a match with another fan... If you were prepared to queue, it was awesome. 

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I did 16 shows in 7 days in New York (if you include the What Happened When and Something to Wrestle with live shows). 


My favourite show was undoubtedly DDT, that was such amazing fun.


Mania was amazing just from a spectacle point of view if nothing else.


Worst show was the Something to Wrestle with live show.  JR seemingly didn't want to be there, and they basically didn't bother really answering the majority of the fan questions they were asked.


Becky Lynch was the most over wrestler over the week, in terms of crowd response and merch.  Kofi Kingston second.


So much Bullet Club merch worn on the indy shows.


A fantastic experience, I'll defintiely be doing it again!

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Prior to Mania we walked by ‘The Bullet Club Block Party’. A sight to behold. Tons of people  drinking beer, playing games, too sweeting eachother.

It was like an Hells Angels rally. 

Truly surprised it’s still so over among the fans after the departure of The Elite and Scurll.

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So to carry on my previous post on page 32, thought I'd carry on.

Coney Island turned out to be brilliant. I chose to go on the Saturday, and whilst vieiwng their Instagram on the way there, turned out the wristbands were reduced from $60 to $10 for the day only. Which was great. Queues weren't horrendous, and loved it. This was followed by a trip to Hooters, where the chicken was tasty, as was our beautiful ginger waitress Emily. She will become my wife one day.

HOF was eventful, with the run in, and also scary, but the highlight was definitely DX's speech. The event seemed to flow alot better than previous years, and I think thats more about limiting the speech times for the lower card inductees, instead of the setup. I didn't hate the setup though, and think that regardless of whether it was on a stage, or a ring, the runin would still have happened.

Wrestlemania was brilliant, the atmosphere was great - up until after the Kofi match. After, I think everyone was tired, or getting tired. A friend of mine actually fell asleep there, admittedly he was half cut from one of the tailgate parties attended. Stephanie McMahon gatecrashed one of the tailgate parties! Alot has been said about getting home, and it was indeed hell. I landed up back at the hotel at abour 2.30am.

Monday I went to the MSG tour, where the guide was entertaining and knowledgable all at the same time. It was surrel walking around an arena that I have watched for so long and a great experience.

Raw too was great, and I near lost my voice when Undertaker appeared. The beachballs, and shitty 'Raw-after-Mania' chants only started I feel, when the main event was fucked with. Up until then I feel the crowd were playing ball - no pun intended.

Tuesday I did a bit of shopping, exploring New York, and went to Planet Hollywood, followed by Smackdown, where New Day were definitely a blast.

As my final night in New York, I went out for a "sesh" and went to McMahons which is an Irish bar nearby to Barclays Center. In there, there were duelling chants throughout the years, all from the recent ones, Attitude era, entrance songs etc. A "Hoe-Train" chant ensued, to which I joined the 'train' of people basically doing a 'Conga' train. Somehow I tripped over my own shadow (that I can only attribute to too much vodka), and ended up really hurting my ankle, lower leg.

Wednesday I continued shopping, and did a ferry on the Staten Island Ferry. Gives some great views, of both the island, and Statue of Liberty. And is free of charge.

Overall highlights were Mania, Frozen, going out at 11am and getting back at 3am pretty much everyday, and the food.

For anyone interested I've done a little montage of pictures/videos etc. that you're more than welcome to take a look at.

Wrestlemania 35 video

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