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  1. £30, brand new and unopened.
  2. Will be doing 1st Feb 2018 in Liverpool for 5 Star Wrestling.
  3. If there is any wrestling companies needing photography for their events then let me know. Have been into my photography for a at least 12 years, recently spent £4.4k on my new canon 5D IV with various accessories and a couple of lenses. I'm happy to do the first few for free to add to my portfolio and can also offer 4K video recording using the 5D
  4. Any takers at £85?
  5. Not the biggest fan of Rollins hence the reason I'm moving this on. I am open to offers. £125
  6. Received my care package that Rob had sent me. It was great of him to reach out so I'm grateful and he included 4 A3 prints, 1 of Seth Rollins signed by the man himself, Another of AJ Lee which was also signed and 2 HBK unsigned prints.
  7. Apparently they'll never do another televised show at Newcastle because according to my cousin who at the time was part of the ring setup/dismantle crew on the UK shows & was mingling around backstage & Vince was absolutely raging because they was barely any room backstage as the stage setup for insurextion was pretty much taking up the whole of the back of the arena as that area back there is fairly small anyway. Apparently his words to his assistant were "Make a note that we won't be doing televised events from here again". I also still have the turnbuckle and chair that my cousin gave me from that show. I found that show to be a great show in all fairness.
  8. I remember when every match from the 1st match to the main event had meaning, had a storyline. I miss the backstage segments, hotel segments, stone cold beating booker around a Walmart type segments. Stories leading up to matches were told way better back then and that for a lot of people was the selling point. I recall the Kane having to choose between x-pac or undertaker storyline to be quite entertaining at the time as a kid. I miss the stories leading up to the matches at ppvs.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks that the only way WWE will ever hit the heights of the attitude era is if they got rid of the PG shite? Obviously that isn't likely to happen, but personally I think that's the only way they'll ever hit those heights again.
  10. Finn Balor out with a concussion from Mahals elbow on Raw as reported by PWI
  11. I can't see them missing Newcastle off that tour, Newcastle is always a good turnout and a nice little earner for WWE twice a year.
  12. Just spoke with Rob Schamberger after someone alerted him of what had happened to me via Twitter & he's only gone and offered to send me a care package. Can't even describe how good that is of him.
  13. Those shanty little houses at the front of the stadium gates were about as ghetto as I've ever seen. Nearly all of them were selling tap water refilled into foraged bottles for $1. Others had full BBQ's set up on their front lawn selling chicken that would probably have gave you the shits for weeks. Then you just had the ones sitting on their step just watching everyone go by. The stadium was built on cheap land and was sold on the cheap as well. I can only think that this is due to the area that it is surrounded by. I think the only thing that stopped anyone getting hurt after the event was the sheer number of wrestling fans who likely would of backed each other up. We walked about 20 mins to the McDonalds drive-thru on Orange Blossom only for a crackhead to kick off because it was open. When she went to pull away her car stop working to the amusement of around 40 of us sitting in the outside seating area who started with the "Your Car Sucks"(New Day Rocks chant), when she got it started she drove past and called us all "mother***ers".
  14. So I'm finally back from Mania and my holiday in Orlando. When I posted about my axxess experience I left out a small detail in order not to ruin anybody's perception of Orlando whilst they were there. But after my Seth Rollins axxess experience I was on I-drive and a gentleman came up to me asking to use my phone and I refused politely, not out of spite, but because I hadn't signed up to get EE coverage whilst in the USA. Now I'm fairly sure if I hadn't of put my phone in my pocket he would of swiped that, but instead he swiped my bag full of axxess goodies including several Rob Schamberger prints, Kingslayer signed Rollins t shirt and a few other bits and bobs. A local saw what happened and flagged a police car down around 5 mins after the incident. The police said they'd check nearby businesses cctv, but when I mentioned I was going home on the 4th they didn't seem interested in taking that any further. all in all it didn't ruin my experience of the WM festivities or Orlando for that matter. There is just plenty of scum on this earth.
  15. Anyone ever managed to get a camera in with a lense bigger than 6"?