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LPW High Voltage


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LPW Presents High Voltage


Date: 2nd September 2017

Venue: St Chad's Parish Centre, Otley Road, LS16 5JT


Ticket prices


£10 Adults

£5 kids under 12

£25 family 4 (2 Adults & 2 Kids)

£10 Meet & Greet


Raffle profit from Both 2nd Sept & 28th Oct shows will go to the charity Zantestrays (www.zantestrays.gr)



Line up Subject to change


Card so far

LPW Heavyweight Championship
Bash vs Robin Lekime
kendo v Brad Slayer
Ricky Knight v zak Knight
Tag Team Match
Morning star/hallows v tba
LPW Cruiserweight Challenge Cup Tournament
Rick Knight JNR vs sonny Smasher
PJ Knight vs Alex Young



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23 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

Everything LPW does is involved with a charity, you can't knock the guy for that at all.  Also, remember this.

Good luck with the show.

You're a good poster, but you can't deny, that quote is more pertinent to you than about anyone else. You live of this kind of stuff.

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Hi guys how are all of you?

Decided to do a small Q&A about LPW, all the shows from when we first started in 2011. Happy to answer anything to do with the shows only. Any questions ?

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