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12 minutes ago, herbie747 said:

He holds none of those above Mayweather.

If Mayweather was in his physical prime and fighting regularly, you'd probably be right. But Mayweather is 40, past his physical prime, and as much training as he might put in before the fight, he'll still have been out of action for two years. Floyd Mayweather fighting under those conditions is an unknown quantity, and until we've seen what Mayweather actually looks like when he is fighting under those conditions, we don't know what advantages he may or may not hold over McGregor, physically speaking.


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There's always that chance. Although you can't beat Father Time, Mayweather is known for taking good care of himself. I don't think he's someone who abuses alcohol or drugs (just women) and he's not exactly been in a bunch of wars from his fights that we've seen. You can probably count on one hand the amount of really tough fights he's had. Gym wars might be another matter but he's not your typical 40 year old boxer who's had a long career of wars. He's looked after himself. 

Now eventually, age is going to catch up to him and slow him down. That's just natural. But it hasn't yet and, other than wishful thinking on my part, I don't see why it necessarily would now. 

He took a similar amount of time off after he beat Ricky Hatton in 2007. He never fought again until 2009 when he came back and just schooled Juan Manuel Marquez. Granted, that was years ago and he wasn't 40 then but it shows that ring rust maybe doesn't effect him as badly as some fighters. And he wasn't fighting an 0-0 boxer back then either. Marquez was smaller and it was seen as a bit of a mismatch but Marquez was still a much more skilled, technical, crafty and trickier boxer to go against than McGregor should be. Floyd trounced him. 

While he's been out 2 years, he's not the type to sit around on his arse watching telly or letting himself get out of shape. 

If McGregor ever had any chance of catching him, I guess this is the best chance he's going to get given Floyd's age and time away. But it's still a massive, massive ask. 


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