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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Spoilers and Predictions

The Clint

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The card


Reigns V AJ Styles  (Extreme Rules match for the WWE Championship)


Ambrose V Jericho (Asylum match)


The Miz V Owens V Cesaro V Zayn (Fatal 4 Way IC title match)


Charlotte V Natalya (Submission match for the Women's Championship)


Kalisto V Rusev (US title match)


New Day V The Vaudevillians  (Tag Team title match)


Kick Off

Ziggler V Corbin  (No DQ match)  


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Looks like another good but totally missable PPV.

Pretty much.


Didn't even realise it was this Sunday until watching Raw last night. Another set of solid matches and minimal storyline development. That's not entirely sour grapes though. I'll be watching and I'll most probably enjoy all of it. I'd quite like Vaudevillains and Rusev to win the belts as both have been consistently great. Add to that Miz and Charlotte retaining for similar reasons. Lets have some faces chasing heels for the summer for these belts.


The card seems pretty shiny even by WWE standards for an Extreme Rules, doesn't it? It seems a gimmick short but I can't tell what because nothing else seems to fit. The asylum match (not the first ever Cole, Mayhem 2000 for $9.99 on the Network!) is goofy as sin.

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Reigns v Styles will be excellent. I have no doubts about that.


Rusev is maybe the best pure heel they have not named Stephanie McMahon and my wee cousins favourite wrestler is Kalisto, so I'm well into the US title match.


I think it will be a good show. They've done a solid job with the main event story, but hopefully we get AJ finally turning. Shame Styles will lose three PPVs in a row though. Makes him look like a right loser.

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Just thinking about the card it's very light on gimmick matches this year.

It has six at the moment I think, which is more than the last two years and the same amount as 2012 and 2013. 2011 was the last year that every match on the card had a gimmick.

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