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TUF 23 * Team Joanna vs. Team Claudia * Discussion Thread

Egg Shen

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Episode 1 aired of this last night in America. With it being TUF there seems to be little buzz going in but given there's a genuine animosity between the two coaches it could make for some good viewing. It's going to contest Light Heavyweights and Women's straweights.


Nice that it leads into the finale on the UFC 200 weekend as well, gonna have a bit of a Wrestlemania feel to it that week with all the shit going on.


Don't know if anyone's aware of UK broadcast details and could bung em in here?




J.J. Aldrich, 2-1, 23, Aurora, Colo.

Chelsea Bailey, 2-0, 23, Chewelah, Wash.

Amanda Cooper, 1-1, 24, Bath, Mich.

Ashley Cummins, 3-3, 28, St. Louis, Mo.

Jodie Esquibel, 5-1, 29, Albuquerque, N.M.

Mellony Geugjes, 0-1, 23, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lanchana Green, 2-1, 26, Darlington, England

Helen Harper, 4-1, 28, Farnborough, England

Kate Jackson, 7-2-1, 29, Lostwithiel, England

Alyssa Krahn, 3-1, 28, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Kristi Lopez, 2-0, 33, Quartz Hill, Calif.

Amy Montenegro, 7-2, 32, Forks, Wash.

Jamie Moyle, 3-1, 27, Las Vegas, Nev.

Irene Rivera, 6-2, 22, Barcelona, Spain

Tatiana Suarez, 3-0, 25, Fontana, Calif.

Ashley Yoder, 4-1, 28, Indianapolis, Ind.

Light Heavyweight

Kenneth Bergh, 3-0, 26, Oslo, Norway

Trevor Carlson, 10-2, 27, Spring Creek, Nev.

Muhammed DeReese, 5-0, 27, Titusville, Fla.

Myron Dennis, 12-4, 27, Oklahoma City, Ok.

John Paul Elias, 3-0, 27, Fresno, Calif.

Marcel Fortuna, 8-1, 30, Tubarao, Brazil

Phil Hawes, 3-0, 27, Little Ferry, N.J.

Cory Hendricks, 3-0, 27, Lynden, Wash.

Jamelle Jones, 6-2, 28, Atlantic City, N.J.

Abdel Medjedoub, 3-0, 30, Mila, Algeria

Norman Paraisy, 15-4-2, 1 NC, 30, Paris

Khalil Rountree, 4-0, 26, Las Vegas, Nev.

Andrew Sanchez, 7-2, 27, Shiloh, Ill.

Eric Spicely, 8-0, 29, Stoughton, Mass.

Joshua Stansbury, 7-2, 31, East Liverpool, Ohio

Elias Urbina, 3-0, 22, Weslaco, Texas

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Don't know if anyone's aware of UK broadcast details and could bung em in here?



Like the previous season, airs same time as the US 3am BT sport 2 Wed night/Thursday morning. Then Thursday evenings 10pm BT Sport 2. 

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I am dead excited for this. Women's Ultimate Fighter feels like old school TUF, to me. The personalities are still raw and people have interesting backgrounds. Also I love both coaches.

Really looking forward to watching this series.

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Coupla Light-Heavy beasts in this!

Share then.


Just quickly glancing at names on the women's side - JJ Aldrich and Jodie Esquibel fought in Invicta. And Kate Jackson has fought Joanna Jedrzejczyk before. Double J obliterated her face in 2013.


I did a little review of Jedrzejczyk vs Jackson in the UFC 193 thread;




This was Joanna's third MMA fight and it took place in her hometown Olsztyn, Poland



May 18th 2013 - PLMMA 17: Warmia Heroes

So yeah, Jedrzejczyk's 2-0 in her MMA career at this point. Jackson is 4-1.

Jackson's a rough looking little fucker. And she's chosen to wear what appears to be a full wetsuit for some reason.


Lots of close quarters stuff early, with Jedrzejczyk getting the better of it with knees and elbows on the inside. Isn't long before Jackson's going for takedowns. And failing miserably. But she's just sticking to Joanna like glue. As the round comes to a close she looks tired but probably a frustrating round for Joanna there.


Should be Jedrzejczyk's round though. Despite Jackson tying her up the whole round, Jedrzejczyk did all the damage with the elbows and knees and she nullified Jackson's whole takedown game.


Jedrzejczyk more aggressive as the second round starts. Jackson's shooting for takedowns again but JJ hurts her and takes her back, controls her and beats her up from top position.


What I find most impressive is how, this early in her MMA career, she's got such good instincts for defensive grappling. Always managing to maintain dominant positions as Jackson kept trying to roll out.


Last 30 seconds of round two and Jedrzejczyk finally shakes Jackson off and has some space to strike. And she immediately makes the most of it, landing big punches and a headkick at the end of the round. 8Qg5d.jpg


The corner works on Jackson between rounds and she is FUCKED. She has a massive lump on the side of her head. Look at the poor sod...






She's got a cauliflower face, for fuck's sake. That's some Elephant Man shit.


No surprise that the fight is stopped due to that. Mercifully. Jedrzejczyk wins by TKO. Looking at the replays it was the headkick at the end of round two that caused that grotesque makeover.


Polish Power.

Their interaction could be interesting on the show. Especially if Jackson ends up on Team Joanna.

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I don't really know if this is a spoiler or not, but just in case, Joe Rogan mentioned in his podcast that...



JJ and Claudia basically get into a full on street fight, throwing headkicks at each other



Not mad on TUF though. They need to get a crowd in for the fights and maybe have some commentary too. I can take or leave all the other reality TV bollocks that goes with it.

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Lovely bit of needle between the two girls. Looks like Joanna's being painted as the heel though oddly. Coming off like a right cunt. I would say the chances of the rumored fist fight are 99% true. Gonna be hard to keep a lid on it the way it's going!

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I was just about to post re JJ having a touch of Rousey about her on TUF. I've never understood the 'it's edited that way' argument on programs like this by people who want to defend someone as it would be hard to justify some things regardless of the context or what was left on the cutting room floor..

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